Yoga for Beginners: The first class

yoga for beginners

Julia came out with a huge smile of his first class of yoga for beginners . I saw it , I felt joy and infect her.

It was yesterday. But I’m sure that smile still lasts.

He entered the class with shoes, to bring something to his daughter that he had left.
I asked him to please take off his shoes and she said she was going, I was just passing through.

But something besides the teacher’s invitation to stay, made to think about it a moment longer. And I go in. It almost certainly entered permanently, I saw her smile.

Julia is short and has Overweight. But this, coupled with more than 55 years, did not prevent him enjoying the kind of yoga for beginners yesterday. I saw in her eyes that she was impressed with what he could do with his body. I saw him in a position of balance with one foot and one hand raised soil and extreme pleasure of doing something new, something that had probably heard of the benefits, through his daughter, but had never thought experiment.

I think it was aware of the advice they say, do not force your body, listen and make far as you can; If you’re tired, go to a relaxation position; do not look to others, do not compare; focus on breathing.

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Classes in yoga for beginners learn a lot from other people and wonderful stories of beginnings, like this, that fill me with inspiration and joy living. I’ve seen their faces in doubt when entering and leaving smiles. And the trust in each class are taking, how to gradually improve joint movements, how gently they increase flexibility, balance.

Also for my practice it is fantastic. It’s like a re-start, as if he were seeing and doing the pose for the first time. The smoothness of the movements, and performing basic postures fill me with peace, they relax me.

If you are still hesitating to take your first step, to receive your first class of yoga for beginners , I tell you something: This is your moment. Seize it.

And if you take a few months or perhaps years of practice, do not forget you can always go to a class of yoga for beginners . Live practice as if it were the first time and feel different sensations, practice and rediscover yourself / o.

And a tip, do not do as I do that occasionally looked at Julia to see their reactions, feel their emotions and then tell you to you. Concentrate on your practice! 🙂

Then, if you wish to share your experience, see and leave me a comment, because I love to read you.

A big hug and a happy practice for you.