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What are the benefits of yoga for children & has it worked for you?

What are the benefits of yoga for children & has it worked for you? 5

Benefits of yoga in children

Sometimes it is complicated when we have children, especially when they are small, to find time to exercise.

The best way to learn something is to see how others do it. So, the lot of DVD’s are there to guide How to do yoga correctly. From this YOGA 4 KIDS DVD you learn yoga. To buy a YOGA 4 KIDS DVD click this link.

What are the benefits of yoga for children & has it worked for you? 6


Yoga can be an ideal option because, in addition to helping us to feel good and relax, it is an exercise that we can practice with our children.

Practicing Yoga from a young age gives children the best foundation they can have in adult life. Thanks to their flexibility and sense of balance, it is usually very easy for them to adopt the postures. In addition, most children tend to be quite bouncy and enterprising in the game, so a small stimulus will be enough to get hooked and want to repeat.

Children are able to totally abstract from the world around them and concentrate fully on the game, but that high level of concentration does not last long. For this reason, Yoga classes for children are very different from adult classes. They are active and fun, they mix games with postures, imaginary trips, songs, etc.

What are the benefits of yoga for children & has it worked for you? 7

Children have a natural tendency towards mimicry. Thanks to this taste for imitation since many of the yoga postures have names of animals, birds, insects and other forms well known to them, such as the boat, the tree, bridge … it is not very difficult to devise a brief session adapted to the smallest of the house. If you are a yoga practitioner, you yourself can invent a story in which to introduce simple and fun postures.

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If you do not feel ready you can always find a center where they offer special classes in groups for children or families, in which, in addition to all the physical and mental benefits of yoga, you will find a space in which to interact with other children in a non-competitive way, learning to work in a team and respecting their peers.

Practicing Yoga is a fun way for children to develop important skills in a positive and non-competitive environment.

This favorable atmosphere for development encourages children to relax and have fun while developing strength, coordination, flexibility, balance, body awareness, better attention and self-confidence.

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