How to choose the music for your yoga session at home?

In my yoga practice at home, I play music sometimes, and sometimes not. Until recently, he puts it “random”. Perhaps you’ve done so, put on Youtube “yoga music” or something, and choose the first playlist to appear. However, sometimes he ended by turning off the music, because without knowing why, was not what I wanted to hear.

That’s why I set out to study a little theme music, its influence on our lives, and what was the best way to use yoga sessions in the days when I seek your company.

Not all people who practice yoga like doing music.
If you are among those who prefer, or between those like me, it helps to know in advance what you’ll hear, because music affects our brain chemistry.

I share with you the results of my research, and ultimately leave you a playlist that can serve for some of your practices during the article see why.

You may have experienced it: when you hear a sharp blow, you do not stay quiet, but somehow your body moves, and that the blow has affected the part of your brain that controls movement. When you face a noise like traffic, your brain creates a stress response including increased blood pressure and makes your breathing is shallow. Does this sound familiar?

On the contrary, the pleasant sounds lead to an increase of dopamine in the brain, essential for the healthy functioning of the central nervous system, which has effects on emotion, perception and movement. It has not happened to you that listening to a certain type of music, you feel immense pleasure?

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I even read that sad music makes us feel good, due to the injection of prolactin, the same hormone that is released when a mother breastfeeds her child. Another interesting effect of music is the upbeat music with a strong beat, it affects the heartbeat and breathing rate, causing oxygen consumption more efficient.

Music can make perfect your yoga session at home but can also desarmonizarla, as happened to me most of the time. Therefore, it is essential that before starting your session, carefully prepare your playlist.

I suggest when you go looking for music for your practice, you do not feel tied to a single type of music. Be creative, and enjoy and have fun while you prepare your playlist.

They have tested the effects of music on the cardiovascular system by observing the size of blood vessels before, during and after listening to a favorite music. When a patient likes the music you are listening, blood vessels are relaxed and open.

Music elevates mood, reduces anxiety, increases motivation and helps fight insomnia and depression. I even read about a study of Stanford University showing that depressed patients gained self-esteem and improved mood after music therapy.

Music physically healthy, and it has been shown that human blood cells respond to sound frequencies by changing color and shape, it can be harmonized and cured diseased cells through sound.

Music for your yoga session at home
Music for your yoga session at home

Then, after all this introduction about music and how it affects our body and mind, I’ll tell you …

How to choose the music for my yoga session at home?

  1. First, ask yourself what is the field that you want to work in your session. If you stress, you may need a gentle, soothing music. If discouragement, sadness, lack of willpower, you can find nostalgic melodies that gradually move towards a more dynamic and lively pace.
  2. Uses music that reminds you of pleasant moments, if you want to learn a new position. Music is “impact”. People associate music with moments of life, whether good or bad. If you choose music that reminds you of good times for a new position when you’re out of your mat and listen to this music, you’ll instantly remember that specific position and how you felt when you practiced.
  3. It is preferable not to use any music unless you are well chosen. Music can easily be detrimental to your practice. But if well selected, you can practice the fluid, creating a pleasant mood and help you celebrate life in a special way with the music.
  4. The volume is very important. Before you begin, make sure the volume is not so high that it can bother you. In addition, try not to have sudden changes in volume in the middle of the session.
  5. In drawing up the playlist, you can leave a space of silence at the opening, if you start your practice with the chanting of “Om”, because at that moment the music can be distracting.
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Other recommendations

  • Choose for the beginning of class music with a slower, smooth, quiet and peaceful pace, then a stronger during the series of postures stronger.
  • The beginning is a good time to use recordings of nature. The opening sequence of most classes is often meditative, when you want to lay the groundwork for neglecting the problems of the day. This is most easily accomplished with music that enhances meditation. Nature is the best soundtrack for meditation.
  • Development of the session, it is good to choose pieces that generate some energy but you do not lose concentration. It is therefore not advisable to use music with lyrics that deconcentrated you. Look for music and ethnic drums, to be repeated over a long period of time slowly rising in intensity.
  • In part cooling, you choose often rest, and if the music is not reflecting that need, they might follow over-encouraging you. It is ideal then a return gradually to the sounds of nature, which is something that always works.
  • Check the end of the session, when you relax in the pose of Savasana or Corpse, it’s time to empty the container slowly. Then choose to beautiful music, almost eternal.
  • slowly lower the volume until just the sound of your breathing be with you. Acoustic music for the end can do wonders to calm the nervous system. Or you can use the nature, very simple, that is, singing crickets, or run a stream, or the movement of the waves. That will be enough.

appropriately using the music, you can make your yoga sessions into something sublime home, you’ll want to experience again and again.

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Here I leave a playlist that I have prepared for a yoga class at home, where you want to relax, relieve stress and anxiety. Enjoy it!

I’d love you to tell me your experience, before and after reading this article. I learned a lot, and I would like to continue to learn from this. If you have something to contribute, leave a comment, for among all get our practice, each one even more wonderful. With or without music!




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