Yoga for Beginners: Do not try to practice yoga Until You Understand These 3 things

Thanks to the community so cute Yoga for beginners that revolves around this blog, I learned a lot of people start doing yoga. And there are many who have told me that had long been wanting to “try yoga” but it ‘s been more than two years to take a class first.

If you’re thinking of taking the plunge and start your yoga practice, there are 3 things you need to know.

1. Takes long time to learn

yoga for beginners
This is one of the positions that carry a learning time: Adho Mukha Vrksasana

When I took my first yoga class after large (as a child practiced a while), I could do very little. During the first year, I could finish an entire class with an awareness of my body and finally getting a bit quiet my mind. Sun Salutation take me long to memorize. Head stops (eg Shirshasana), they took me time and lots of practice to perform easily, and others such as photo still am learning (Adho Mukha Vrksasana). After several years of practice when I want to learn a new position, I need to practice daily for long.

Lesson learned : As a result, I’ve learned to be more patient, which is great because these things I have transferred to other goals in my life. Whether you want a job you love, if you want to lose weight, if you want to find yourself @. Everything requires patience and yoga helps you this. Yoga has taught me to stay focused on an objective and calm have to do.

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2. It is difficult

I’ve noticed that people do not expect to hear this, and many do not like leaving your comfort zone or find “another hurdle in his life.” The way we act when we perform a difficult yoga posture is the way we are accustomed to act when we have difficulties. Yoga teaches us to face a more serene way to difficult situations ..

Lesson learned : As a result, I’ve learned not to get frustrated. I have tools to respond in a better way the difficult circumstances in life, keeping away emotions like anger and ego. This has helped lead a peaceful and happy life.

3. Yoga is not a short-term solution

Yoga for Beginners
Yoga is a long-term recipe for happiness

Yoga teaches us commitment. To get the most benefit from the practice of yoga, you should maintain a regular practice. Although from the beginning you will feel better, to maintain this sense of well being, you must continue. Yoga is a recipe for long-term happiness.

Lesson learned : As a result, I’ve learned to improve things in my life in the long term. If I want to feel better, eliminate back pain, improve emotional stability, strengthen my muscles, increase elasticity, reduce stress symptoms such as lack of sleep, fatigue, constipation, I have to keep practicing. Yoga has made me a better friend, best couple and best daughter because I work to keep my healthy relationships and continue to learn.

Already you Prepare @ to practice?