20 Essential Truths for Life

20 Essential Truths for Life 3

It is that life can be difficult, and sometimes it is almost impossible to get up in the morning. Rest assured that sadness happen, and most likely really the purpose of your current situation. But remember that when your way is more difficult, because your purpose is bigger.

He considers that where you are right now is exactly where you need to be to get where you want to go .

If you have been diagnosed with clinical depression, or are addicted to any drugs, you have eating disorders … Here this guide to help you pass the path to happiness. If you feel overwhelmed / a for life and exhausted / a, these 20 essential truths for life can lead you back to find inner peace:

1. Look how beautiful / a truly are.

2. Allow yourself to
feel, can be a detox for your soul.

3. Have more faith in your dreams than your fears.

4. Let go of
what no longer serves you.

5. Never settle.

6. Listen to the wisdom of your body, you know what you need.

7. Trust that God has a bigger plan than yours, this will make
sense for you one day.

8. Do more things that make you happy.

9. Be your own best friend.

10. Stay close to what you produce excitement of being alive.

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11. Make a retreat to your inner for inspiration. Your heart knows the way, trust him.

12. Learn to love your own company, when you do you rarely feel alone / a.

13. Do not miss yourself in your fear.

14. Do not be afraid to give up if something does not work anymore, you’re not giving up if the case is to let go of
something that is hurting you.

15. Be aware of your position.
Are you running from something or running to something?

16. That we are in life depends on what we are looking into it. Believes in the good, because it will be there when you look.

17. Do not let your wounds transform you into something you’re not.
You’re much stronger than you think you.

18. Recalls forgive yourself.
You did the best you knew back then, that already in the past, lives only the present.

19. You know you can not always have what you want, but you can always have what you need.

20. Opens love in you, the world needs you, sick of cheap copies.

Life is too short to spend time at war with you and the world. You are not alone, you are important, you know very well.

A hug,

Elias Berntsson

(Source: Shannon Kaiser – www.mindbodygreen.com)

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