Beat your inner insecurity and Improve Your Self-Esteem |

Beat your inner insecurity and improve your self-esteem | 3Insecure people always suffer and insecurity makes them aggressive, mistreat those who love him, well she does not love him. Come disasters where there are none, these people were raised in families with emotionally insecure or were injured. Insecurity also makes one be arrogant, to such a degree that few people will support it, the trouble is that the arrogant do not realize, everybody knows it except him.

When you walk sure of yourself not you need to please anyone or convince anyone that you know who you are and where you go. You have to overcome your insecurity, and to do so I’ll give some tips for sconces now:

– Do not use “buts” every time you use a “but” is that these doubting “I love you , but …” that limits your ability, your intelligence, is to put limits to achieving your dream.

– The catchphrase “It will happen to
you” delete it from your vocabulary, do not tell. This takes away all desire to experience something new.

– You’re not too old to start something new (that’s a bad excuse), and if you
think you can not you will still not growing as a person and your life is good only when you grow up .

Always Have faith in yourself, believe in yourself until the end.
Phrases like “I do things but do not know if I will achieve, I think it will fail as usual” are very harmful, eliminate them from your mind.

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You’ll solve your problems, you’re going to take care of yourself, and you’ll respect and love. So people safe itself and you are, always have been. You just need to trust you, trust in yourself overrides any doubts that may arise. The most important thing you have is the ability to trust yourself.

Have faith in what you undertake, “I’ll do, I’ll do, I’ll get it,” “I’ll reach, I’m very close” and takes the necessary risks. Ingermar Stenmark, the great Olympic skier said: “To win, you have to risk losing” Maybe your desire is to become a great political leader, an artist, a prominent businessman, an academic, an athlete, a star … assumes the risks necessary to achieve your goal and reach your dream.

A hug,

Elias Berntsson

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