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Which meditation technique is used to improve your memory & concentration?

Which meditation technique is used to improve your memory & concentration? 5

Meditation improves concentration while learning

Imagine that you are in history lessons. Your book is open in front of you. You look in, but do not really read. Meanwhile, the teacher tries to teach you a language. You are physically present, but mentally you are somewhere else.

Which meditation technique is used to improve your memory & concentration? 6


A normal morning at school, right ?! How fast does a comic or thriller tie you up instead of focusing on something that does not interest you? Can you really afford to watch your favorite show on TV regularly but not to finish reading a single paragraph of a study or textbook?

Lack of concentration, parents and teachers complain about it again and again. And worst of all, we can not concentrate when we need it most. For example, if we learn at night for an important exam the next day. But do not panic, there is a solution: a simple technique called meditation.

Which meditation technique is used to improve your memory & concentration? 7

Many studies have shown that regular meditation increases and sustains attention, even when we are sitting on boring tasks. To quote only from such a study: The University of Pennsylvania (USA) has found that only a few minutes of daily meditation improve concentration and performance.

Here are a few tips on how meditation can help you in the most critical times, namely, when you need to be extremely attentive:

1) Love what you do and get good grades

If you love what you do (including learning for the subjects at school), then you automatically become more attentive and focused. Do you hate chemistry, then turn the tables and tell your chemistry book: “I love you!” It definitely changes! Do you need to concentrate when watching a football game or a thrilling movie? Definitely not. The same goes for your books. Change your attitude to them, and it works better with the concentration. The result is better grades .

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2) Do yoga daily, and boredom goes by

Yoga exercises, such as Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) or Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana)improve blood flow to the brain. This increases concentration and conscious participation in the event. Your mind is not spinning so fast, and you are performing better.

3) You want more time for fun? Do breathing exercises!

Hard to believe that a two and a half minute breathing exercise (pranayama) can improve the concentration so that it lasts for the next three hours. Is not it? There are! The concentration breathing exercise, as taught in Art of Living’s youth courses, does just that. The breathing exercise improves your memory and helps you accomplish your tasks in less time. So you have more time to be with your friends. Just join the Yes! + Class and learn this breathing technique.

4) Make the Sudarshan Kriya a daily homework assignment

Better time management, good grades, more concentration, right decision-making for the future, better relationships, competitive strength and a sovereign approach to peer pressure, all this and much more is offered by Sudarshan Kriya . This will allow you to concentrate better, especially when you need it most.

5) Eat healthy

Good food also plays a role if you want to improve your concentration. The more sweets, ice cream, and junk food you eat, the harder your mind becomes, the harder you’ll be to focus on your books. So watch what you eat. Avoid foods that are over-flavored or contain too much sugar. You should also reduce fried or junk food. It all makes you tired, especially in the afternoon when you do your job. Fresh fruits and vegetables, juices and salad, on the other hand, are real power boosters. Try it out!

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6) Good sleep at home replaces school sleep

Lack of sleep makes you nervous and prevents you from being fully concentrated at school. So make sure that body and mind always get enough rest. Eight hours of sleep are recommended. Also, 20 minutes of meditation daily are important. It is best to do the meditation in the morning or before lunch (always on an empty stomach). This deeply relaxes body and mind and prevents you from overcooking after eating. Your concentration will also be better.

You can meditate everywhere: at school, on campus, at home or with friends in the park. Meditating with friends is very good at all, because that strengthens the bonds between you.

If you are stressed or stressed before exams, help a few minutes of meditation to gather you and clear your mind.

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