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How Do I Get Good Skin?

How Do I Get Good Skin? 5

With the recent arrival of summer and change of wardrobe, we seek to tan our skin and look smooth and healthy . But the application of creams and exfoliants is not always enough, since stress also plays against our skin health, causing more acne, less luminosity, accelerated aging and greater dryness, among others.

How Do I Get Good Skin? 6


To reduce and combat stress we can practice a few minutes of yoga a day and enjoy its many benefits.

Before starting with the simplest positions, we must motivate ourselves and be aware that success lies in oneself . According to the objectives that we set ourselves, we will evolve in the practice of the activity and we will achieve a greater sense of calm and serenity. For example, we can propose to end the day with 30 minutes of yoga to calm the mind after facing the daily routine. We also have to be aware that around four weeks is the time estimated by the professionals to learn the postures correctly. This time depends on how often you practice, being advisable about twice a week. After this period of adaptation we will be able to transfer yoga to our vacations and not lose that little time of relaxation, thus avoiding that the complications of the trips and the plans take their toll. In addition, combining yoga with the benefits of training on the beach will improve our physical and psychological health.

In order for the yoga session to be effective and reach a greater state of relaxation, it will be necessary to create a comfortable, ventilated and calm climate. A space without obstacles where we can incorporate elements that enhance an atmosphere of relaxation , such as candles, incense or relaxing music.

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