The B Side of Your Brain

Meditation and creativity
Check out any history book and you will see progress in society.
From the Stone Age to the Age of Agriculture, and then, with the invention of machines was the Industrial Revolution. And as recently as the early ’90s with the birth of the Internet, we entered the stage we have come to know now – the Information Age.

However, some believe that a new era is dawning upon us . In the book of Daniel Pink “All New Mind (A Whole New Mind) – Why the right brain will apply in future” – Pink suggests that we are moving to a Conceptual Age – characterized by creators and empathizers . According to him, “The artists, inventors, designers, storytellers, caregivers, abstract thinkers – now reap the rewards of society and will share its greatest joys.”

Conceptual Age

Pink states that as the Industrial Revolution in which many jobs, humans were replaced by machines, these days jobs that require logical and analytical thinking (characterized by the left brain) are being replaced by software . Many new professions are changing to become more “creative” professions (associated with the right hemisphere of the brain) – to the point that if you’re not creative could tell you the harder to keep a job in this new era.
The new labor market no longer belongs to knowledge workers, but the workers of Creativity.
Those who can take the abundance and diversity of information and knowledge that is going around and create something new with intrinsic value.

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As he says …

“We realized something: The world has changed. The future no longer belongs to people who can reason with logic, speed and accuracy of a computer. It belongs to a different class of people with a different type of mentality. Today-the vagaries of an economy that has gone from boom to bust and still – it’s a metaphor that explains what is happening and is going around in our heads. “

The value of creativity in the workplace

This can be clearly seen if you look at the list of 2010 most creative people making the magazine Fast Company.

If we see the first 10 it is not surprising to find an international pop star, filmmaker and television producer – but what about the other 7?
Including surprisingly found a Harvard law professor, Safeway CEO and senior executives from Apple, Nike, Microsoft and Nissan. Proving that the perceived value of creativity has extended to sectors that were previously considered less “creative”.

Now, uncover your creativity not only helps improve the working environment.
Express your creativity leads you to a quality of life much better and more energetic.
How? Easy.

And when we do things we are expressing our true self, our essence and makes us feel more connected to us and our environment.

Creativity that stalwart ally in Your Life

You can improve relations with loved ones using some creative thinking.

Do you ever found yourself in a rut? Or maybe you are going through the same arguments over and over again?
Simply uncovering your innate creativity you can give a fresh look to those old problems.
Whether surprising your loved ones with a unique surprise to express your true feelings of love and appreciation for them.
Or maybe you can use your creativity to attract new and exciting people into your life!

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Creativity is defined as “something new is created and has some sort of value.”

The truth is that the more you develop your creativity, more and more things CREAS you!
You can create more love, happiness, health, energy, joy, or time in your life.

Connectate (with yourself and with others)

When you express you start a journey on the path of self-discovery and authenticity.

When we create something, we take our essence, what we really believe, feel and think.
Creativity is also a spiritual expression, so naturally, people often expressed creatively feel more confident and connected to a higher source.

So banish these myths that creativity is for a few and connect with the true source of creativity, yourself.

Remember what Napoleon Hill wrote:

The great artists, writers, musicians and poets became great because they acquire the habit of relying on small constant talking to them inside through the creative power of imagination. It is a fact that is very well known people who have very sharp imaginations that the best ideas come from “hunches”.

Let yourself go ????

And tell us your opinion …

Do you consider yourself a creative person?
Do you think that your creativity can help you better cope with the challenges of your life?