How to get rid of fear forever

How to get rid of fear forever.

Some clues about how to get rid of fear forever. Anxiety, depression, anxiety, existential fear, worry about the future, fear of losing, fear of pain, fear … miedo..miedo … Leaving aside some physiological problems that may have medical causes and must be properly treated, most mortals, if not all, at some point in life, we feel fear.

In this case I mean an illogical fear or, say, a product of the “machine fuss” we have over the shoulders and at the live everyday from the autopilot function, and therefore, not be aware of our thoughts, constantly produce distortions of reality that lead to excessive worry about things that need not happen.

Sometimes, true panic attacks do occur, not knowing control emotions derived from these cognitive distortions that we can bring our head.

Many and varied techniques have been carried out from behavioral and cognitive psychology to try to change that process and overcome these unfounded fears. In this case, I want trasladaros some keys to face those fears from the perspective of mindfulness or Mindfulness.

Taking as a powerful tool for transforming the focus of our attention and, therefore, using the here and now as a starting point for a new vision of our reality, we can exercise a principle of control over our process of automatic thought that the most often, those fears generated that can lead to depression and anxiety states.

  • Learn to meditate. There is nothing religious in the sense that you may be thinking. It is learning to put yourself in silence and attend to your breathing to connect with the here and now. It is sit or lie down, avoid drowsiness and learn to see your thoughts as these clouds go by. Drop is the key.
  • Collect motivational phrases . I invite you to buy a small notebook tomorrow and go scoring those phrases that you find and have, to your knowledge, a good aspect of motivation. Go doing a “collection” in that notebook and carry it with you always. Leelas occasionally and make them yours. I give you the first three: 1. Anxiety is not dangerous. It’s just annoying but not kill. 2. I am a completely normal person who goes through an abnormal situation 3. This thought is not mine. I do not like you. And above all … ‘Name your notebook !!
  • Learn to breathe. Have you seen a little boy breathe ?. Newborns have an abdominal breathing. Raise your belly. It is the one that moves up and down rhythmically. Over time, we abandon our breath to their fate because we do not pay attention and our way of life so crazy, breathing becomes thoracic and even clavicular, entering the lungs become less air and faster … trend breathing. Joined with the first point. Comes back to attention to your breathing. Begins by watching her intently.
  • Do what you want, not what others expect. A common fear is “not look good” to others, which leads to actions that, basically, we do not like or are not ours. This turns into fears also lead to unpleasant states of anxiety. It’s time to learn to say NO and listen to your heart is the one who can lead you down the path you want to take. You must take charge of your life; no others.
  • You agree that perfection does not exist. Many of the fears we are facing, are given by our perfectionism. We have in mind an idea of what is perfect and we jump into it in whatever we do. Why not be a little more flexible with ourselves and learn that mistakes are also part of our vital learning ?.
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With these 5 simple keys or ideas on how to face your fears, I want you to be assured that these thoughts running through live product you are hopping between past and future.

Overcoming fears is not a simple exercise, but the first thing you need to do to win the battle is to feel strong.

How to say in “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu (book that I recommend) “He whose troops are united around a common goal will be the winner”.

Process -yours- troops already have and you have common goal -THE fear. Now you just have to overcome fear and get rid forever.

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