7 Ways to Live a Full Life and Motivating

7 Ways to Live a Full and Motivating Life 3

We love the word “motivation”, is not it? We see on the covers of self-help books, yoga teachers and loose breathe in our ears, and the slogans of thousands of coaches also see, throughout the world.

But what does it mean?

When we peel the layers, what are we talking about when we talk about motivation?

We are saying we want control over our lives. We can give ourselves permission to do almost anything.

We are the ones who drive the car, and when we are really and truly motivated, we feel alive, connected, in peace.

Well, that sounds good right? but “as I do” , you ask? Here I present 7 ways in which you can feel more peaceful and self – motivation from today:

1. Use visualization to free from the painful thoughts.

In the eyes of your mind, put your negative thoughts into leaves, and then watch them float peacefully down the river. Or place the problematic words about the cars of a freight train and watch disappears into the distance. When I myself do these exercises, I keep distance between me and what bothers me. I feel lighter and energetic almost immediately.

2. Ask the Supreme Being. 

Maybe you need someone to listen to you or help you solve problems. Perhaps you need a favor, a massage, an appointment with your partner or friend. I pray regularly to God (or Supreme Being, universe or as suits you call it), and I always get answer and ideal for me at the right time.

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3. productive. 

Nothing cures more anxiety than action, and the effort we make to avoid things is generally three times higher compared to the effort required to operate. Productivity makes us feel more intelligent, energetic and fulfilled. Elevate your mood significantly.

Once I’ve driven in something and I finish, I feel a sense of huge accomplishment, and usually I feel motivated to finish other things. So look around and start something.

4. Focus on the thought:  “I know I can afford to relax.”

Give up attachment to the results. Free yourself from the need to have all the answers in advance, out of your own way of doing things. Stop interrupting the flow of what is already on its way to you, do not try to manipulate and manage every moment of your life.

5. Marvel by collaboration. 

The world is a huge cooperation in human beings. Whether you’re a social person as introverted, have the courage to see people as teammates rather than competitors. There are many things we simply can not do without the help of others.

Look around. Outside the natural world, everything you see has been designed by human beings, designed and made by humans. Spectacular, right? We never found most people who touch our lives, but knowing that almost every part of our day is made possible by the dream that managed to make another human being, is totally awesome.

6. Let in love.

Surround yourself with people who support you and loves you. Fill your life with people you uplifting changes everything , your health, your energy level, how you feel about your career …

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We all deserve to have rich and nurtured relationships, you also have the right to give some space and distance relationships. Practice forgive those who have disappointed you or hurt, many do the best they know, and if they could they would do better. If they do not love themselves, it is difficult for them to know how to love someone.

7. Practice adaptability. 

The changes are a certainty in life, therefore you must accept them and see them as something positive. You may not be able to control the events in your life, but you can control how you respond to them. So gives a little peek at the curb and watch what comes, look at that cloud on the bright side, it’s a new experience for you to learn something good.

We often see personal peace and self-motivation as impossible goals, something reserved for monks at the tops of the distant mountains. But the truth is that even the most stressed people can create an internal space of peace and strength.

Now is your turn.

A hug,

Elias Berntsson

(Fuetne: www.mindbodygreen.com)

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