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Many times, people make us feel bad because without realizing it, we have given too much importance to what they think of us. We have given our joy, and give them the power to hurt us. It is a decision we made since we got up from the bed. Something like “Today I decide that the opinion of others is more important than mine,” instead of choosing “Today I decide that whatever they say to me, I would not take you inside me” or “Today I decide that my opinion on me, is all that counts. ” We have a strong belief in our person who tells us that we must fight against those who do not think like us. It is the ego that dominates us, tells us to please others because otherwise we will suffer. It tells us that if we say something nice must be very glad, tells us that if they mess with your person have to attack and angry. In conclusion, we are prisoners of our minds.

With the way you see situations have believed that to solve a conflict everything must be nice to see smiles, see friendly faces. But the long faces, a bad look, a comment on the contrary, does not mean that something is wrong; because the fact of seeing a person to act in one way or another just indicates that it is their way of seeing life. That does not mean it’s good or bad, it means that person is so and point. He wanted to be and point. It has an opinion and that’s it.

By this I mean that each person is unique and different, therefore they can be the way they choose. The same goes for you, you can and should be the way you choose. No matter what others think of you, not caring or not to please someone (being always respectful of course), regardless of act one way or another out of fear, because you were born and to make a difference. There is a phrase that says:

The less you worry about the opinion of others, life becomes less complicated.

This phrase is a small daily guide when you see that person who looks at you with “pouting” or how you want to look like you want to talk, because this is just the way that this person has chosen to live. If you’re happy or not this person acting thus irrelevant, because you’re not that human being. You can not take your back attitudes and behaviors of others.

You must be free and let go those who approach you with stones and sticks, because if you take them wherever you are , you can never be truly yourself . Always you take with you even if they are thousands of kilometers away. Even if it hurts a look, even if you hurt a word, even if you distresses the presence of someone, you have to know that to let go, to forgive, to break free of her with words of love as “let you be yourself, you respect and I release you from my mind with love “understand that your energy is renewed, walking you’ll do lighter, thinking you’ll do faster. Your own self will rise and see in a sudden moment everyone with a feeling of joy, relief and love.

When you think that this is all a dream, when you say “Why me? what did I do to deserve this if I have not wished harm on anyone, “You’re right about sleep, because this life is a train ticket to somewhere, everything is impermanent, everything has a beginning and an end, in this world we live and die. Therefore, since we are here, we should be disturbed by a divine purpose. Why do many laps all? Why you want conflicts when it is so easy to let go and love everyone without judging them?

Have you ever crossed fixed or with a person with Down syndrome? These people are a great example for me, when exchange two or three words with them, I see his gestures and his eyes look, I think , “How wonderful, I want to be a person down!”. See how they treat everyone who crosses his path is like seeing God himself act. They just smile, hug, hold everything with humor. His joy is permanent, you can not crush, can not offend. And if you are worried or dislike, it happens in an instant. They say the eyes are the mirror of the soul, when you stop to stare into the eyes of a down person, see peace, see compassion, you see that no matter neither race nor culture, nor height, neither physical nor intellect, the only matters is live and enjoy the most precious moment that exists: this moment right now .

If you think you can not do anything, you’re no good for any activity, you’re useless … It’s a decision you made subconsciously long. Since a given day, maybe your father told you “Look how is your room, you’re useless for not knowing sort” You decided from that day unconsciously that phrase was an absolute truth, you decided to believe her without even knowing it, you act every day as a useless since you took that phrase straight to your heart. Perhaps a fellow in the primary I said “Hahaha go how you run, you look like a duck, you can not even run” For some reason, the “help or run” you decided to take your heart and you played with the phrase “no good or to run or to do anything “so many years later you felt weaker and weaker, more and more impotent until no more could your load.

All that you have chosen to believe against you is a great and absolute lie capitalized. You must see yourself as your Creator sees you in Scripture God he says you are completely approved and accepted by Him whatever you do. Because you are your child and you are as God created you unique, perfect, beautiful, valuable as diamond, big, genuine. You are the love itself, you are loved by Him in Isaiah there is a sentence saying.:

Though the mountains move and the hills tremble, my love for you will remain firm.

Therefore, if God himself loves you so much, why do you seek the approval of someone else? If you have a heavenly father and your constitution is the same God, why not choose love everything and everyone rather than conflict ?. Meditate for example in this sentence: “Would you rather win an argument, or would you rather be happy?”.

If you invade sometimes thoughts of suicide, it is that has created another world on the inside where everything is like “should be” and not as it is now. So why do not you ask Antonia Cabrera, a girl who had everything, and in an instant his life changed. You might ask how it should be her life, and she would tell you that everything happens for a reason, everything is a learning experience and an opportunity. I would say that life will always be problems and you have to face them, you have to mourn but never stay down there, but to return to equilibrium, to be happy because we are happy. She gave him one morning like any other, a stroke. I could not move a single part of his body, only flinching. But she took it as a good thing, and not as something negative.

She says simply “I lived that situation , ” and that everyone decides to take every thing to happen one way or another. He says he decided to take it in the most cheerful way and make the most of it. It could easily have thought “My life is complete rubbish, do not want to live, what the point of living if I can not be what it was before”, but she decided to take this with humor, with a laugh. His diagnosis was staying vegetable or die. But she decided to go ahead and have thoughts of overcoming and love for life . He went from being bedridden to stand, walk and talk. She gives thanks every day for being alive, and says not to see this as a bad thing, but as an opportunity that has helped him grow as a person. He says that just one person smile can brighten the day, and that’s more valuable than anything else: the brighten someone’s life just by your presence.

Why do not you see your life as an opportunity to be all that you are and live all around you, instead of wanting to change this or that, and that this or that is different ?. Antonia says “He lived that,” and decided to take it with joy. He could have said “Now my life is different, I have to be here recuperating months and months, that horror,” but instead she said “This is so and I will learn from it, go out stronger from this situation is a learning love more and brighten someone’s day. ” Like her, I gave you too “My life is like now, this has happened with a great reason for me to learn to be myself, so that I may learn to love, so that I know smile more.” Instead of thoughts like “I feel I am a burden to others because I only complain and made it worse,” change it to “I’m living right now and bring out the best of it, this will make me see how wonderful life and my smile will be full and sincere. “

Decide today that you treat them as you try and say what people tell you, those words were not wearing your spirit. Decide that your opinion is what counts. Decide today that each person is unique in a million and are entitled to be, and you have every right not to take wrong actions . Be yourself, be strong, bright, illuminating the world with your personality. You’re wonderful, you’re a beautiful diamond, you are worthy of living life fully. You are worthy of love, amate your first accept situations as they are. Do not try to change anything, because only you yourself can change you. When you change your automatically what bothers you about your changes. Wayne Dyer once said , “When you change the way you see things, the things you look at change.”

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