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How to improve your practice with a yoga mat?


How to Improve your practice with a yoga mat?

I spent nearly two months looking for information to buy a yoga mat . I know you may seem a bit exaggerated, but between the short time we had, and the variety of options, as I spent more time than expected. But you know what? I enjoyed the way because I learned a lot from yoga mats , and best … I have my soul mat!

But better I tell you from the beginning, because I want to explain what I had in mind to choose my yoga mat to save you all the time I was researching.

Here you have a photo hosting!

My yoga mat acabadita arriving:)

Why buy a yoga mat?

I practice yoga at home, and also bring my own mat to yoga classes to attend and I teach. For me yoga mat is something very personal that gets all the energy of my practice.

On it we put our bare feet, sweat, went to bed. It’s really a matter of taste and I prefer to have my own, because I think more hygienic and healthy.

Yoga requires very little to practice: Wishes, a small space, and a yoga mat. That’s why I decided to invest in mine.

My advice to you?

If you
yoga at home , or if you receive yoga classes quite often, my advice is to have your own yoga mat . It is an important step in your healthy lifestyle, once you’ve decided to practice yoga.

Importance of yoga mat

  • Traction : The main function of a yoga mat is to provide better traction while we are doing the yoga poses .

    Many asanas require us
    to have our feet firmly planted on the ground, and not have good traction can cause slip and fall caused injuries. Even if you do not fall, you can lose focus on your practice if your feet slip on the floor or on a mat that does not have enough traction.
  • Damping : Although not its primary function, damping between the body and the ground is a great benefit of a yoga mat . A drop lack of balance will not be anything serious with the mat under your feet.
  • Improves balance : A mat can improve your balance . The smooth surface allows your feet sink a little, giving more support to the foot. It also allows your foot to roll more easily and in more subtle ways to make small adjustments to maintain balance.
  • Temperature : The yoga mat provides you with an insulating layer of soil, which can sometimes be cold. Lay on the cold floor is not only uncomfortable, but also makes your muscles lose heat, making the most difficult stretch.

What to consider to choose the right yoga mat, mat your soul?

  1. Comfort
  2. Durability
  3. Traction
  4. Responsibility to the environment
  5. Size
  6. Weight
  7. Purchase options and handling

In this article I talk in more depth on this issue: What to consider to choose the right yoga mat?

My soul mat

First I tell you that I have put this name to my new yoga mat because it is the slogan of the Manduka mats, branding why I’ve decided. I liked it so much, I feel so personal and helpful And it took me so long to pick it !, which has been nicknamed him wonder:)

The first time I used it was doing 108 Sun Salutations

108 Sun Salutations mat in my soul!
108 Sun Salutations mat in my soul!

If you have a yoga mat I would like to know your experience. One of the fundamental things that I decided by Manduka is for its durability. Do you take time with your mat? Do you want to buy one and do not know which one to choose? Tell me your experience in the comments!

Have a nice day.



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