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On how to identify a good yoga instructor

On how to identify a good yoga instructor 3

Beginners often the question arises, how to find a good yoga instructor or understand whether a qualified instructor, who is engaged in a beginner. When the novice becomes an experienced practitioner, he begins to realize that his body – this is the best instructor and need to listen, first of all, to him. However, this does not mean that an experienced yogi does not need instructor assistance. Help is needed, but the experienced practitioner may have to go to different instructors and each instructor to get new information for themselves.

Let’s try to figure out why a beginner is very important to choose an instructor.
The answer to this question is very simple. We are all different and each of us in his own way assimilates information. Accordingly, when we are just starting to practice yoga, we try to find an instructor that we more clearly explains that we close in psycho etc. Nevertheless, I would like to give a series of tips that will help to evaluate the instructor at the first yoga class.

Firstly, we should pay attention to whether the instructor refers to students with respect.
Respect – a two-way street, and you deserve it at exactly the same extent as the instructor. Unfortunately, there are instructors who want to just “spend activity,” and they do not have time on your “shortcomings” during practice. Beware of instructors, so important, that they have no time for you.

Second, pay attention to whether the instructor helps rebuild asana gives the explanations and instructions during a training session.
If the instructor does not give the keys to the practice, how do you know what to do? Newcomers are putting themselves at great risk, being engaged with the instructor that does not explain anything.

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Third, a good instructor during practice allows the use of different variations of asanas and
propsy . Some newcomers propsy necessary as air. If your instructor can perform asana perfectly without any tools, it does not mean that you can. Instructor who makes the novice to perform an asana that he was not under force without auxiliary materials, is incompetent.

To summarize, it must be said that it is necessary to beware of instructors who are students with no respect, they do not explain anything and does not teach the use propsy and simplified versions of asanas.
EMPTY you headed common sense. After practice, you have to feel good.

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