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Yoga Tips: How to Facilitate PMS

Yoga Tips: How to Facilitate PMS 3

Most women know firsthand premenstrual syndrome. This article is devoted to these women. The fair sex, who have never encountered this problem, even better about it does not know. Nature of premenstrual syndrome is not fully understood, but some experts associate this syndrome with endocrine disorders. We will not dwell on this account, and better analyze the basic tips and recommendations that are desirable to observe, to ease PMS.

The main factors causing PMS is stress, nerve disorders, severe fatigue.
In order to minimize these factors, we have to learn to relax. This will help us to
Savasana . Turn on soft music (or sounds of nature), lie on the floor, put his head under the pillow or blanket and try to relax. For this release unwanted thoughts, focus your attention on your body, release tension in all parts of the body. Try to achieve a cross-border state between wakefulness and sleep. In the struggle with the stresses of invaluable assistance provided pranayama

. If you have experience, you run several cycles of full yogic breathing .

To facilitate the PMS syndromes should not forget about physical activity.
Small exercise increases the production of endorphins in the blood and inhibit the depression. Try to walk more in the fresh air. Take a jog or even go for a walk. Try every day to allocate 15 minutes to perform the asanas. Especially in these days of inverted postures are useful, because In the inverted position of the body changes the blood flow, eliminates stagnation of blood and lymph flow in the pelvic area. Follow in the morning and / or at bedtime
Salamba Sarvangasanu (shoulder stand) Halasanu and Adho Mukha Shvanasanu . Then recommended soak 5 minutes Supta Baddha Konasane with Bolster.

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The premenstrual syndrome in the majority of women is enhanced appetite against the background of a lack of vitamins and minerals.
mood swings, fatigue, breast tenderness directly related to a lack of vitamin B6. Dizziness and cravings provokes a magnesium deficiency. To reduce the unpleasant symptoms of PMS helps a bland diet that is to renounce all “unnatural”; reduce the consumption of animal fats; eat vegetables, fruits, nuts; completely give up coffee and chocolate. Help improve mood apricots, figs, prunes and persimmon. “Dangerous” products for PMS – is canned, pickled foods and alcohol.

Reduce anxiety during PMS help herbs: chamomile tea and honey, lemon balm and mint leaves.
If swelling of hands and face is added to the tea cranberries. Lettuce, parsley, celery, too, derive the excess fluid from the body. The menu includes as many fish (herring, salmon, mackerel).


yoga for menstrual disorders , and Yoga during menses .

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