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How yoga can change relationships with men and not only

The secret of feminine power and women’s radiant energy would have one who practices yoga.
How can affect a woman yoga practice and why it is attractive to men?

The secret to radiant beauty

All the mythical and fabulous beauties in common is that the descriptions of them comes radiance that pervades their whole being, flowing inside.
This radiant beauty is real and it can not be faked. Ayurveda describes the brightness that comes from a man who gives shine eyes, radiant smile, the luminous freshness of the skin and face serene expression of pure bliss. According to ancient science, it is a natural phenomenon. So on a physical level it manifests the presence of Ojas – the thinnest substance that is produced only healthy tissues of the body.

The practice of yoga repeatedly enhance Ojas, starts work in healing and rejuvenation mechanisms.
After practice, the real miracle happens: turn pink cheeks and relaxes the face, the body is filled with slimness and lightness, everything seems surprising and delightful. Straightened his shoulders, holding posture. I even voice – the tone becomes lower, softer tone. View opens to a stranger, and random people’s eyes shine and radiate a warm light. The whole world slows down, and we can clearly feel what is called the feminine energy. Feel soft and flexible flower rose or gently stepping flexible panther or a flying white bird … wakes up that part of our feminine essence, which is most natural for us. And this can not but feel the men.

Flexible body is a part of women’s magic – the magic of love.
Even the most distant from yoga are males feel when a woman very attractive and full of female energy. And it is not only enticing gait and a clear view, a confident appearance and movements of women, but in fact, than the “smells” femininity that is perceived by men at the subtle level of consciousness. Regular practice of yoga makes a woman the most open to the exchange of energies, more sensual and delicate feelings, allow it to “carry out” energy from fleshly physical layers to the most subtle, where intuition and clairvoyance live. Especially felt this state immediately after a workout. Plunging then problems, it is easy to lose. However, those who practice yoga for a long time and seriously, remain in him.

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The secret of harmony

During meditation, yogini she can solve all the secrets and attract or retain that man who she wants.
The third eye is sure to open, penetrate everywhere and easily find answers to the main questions. Woman becomes a witch, in the best sense of the word. And its body with skin, she learns to recognize itself in every moment and enjoying life in yoga, in true communion with man and with him.

Change your mind and in harmony every day.
Choose a convenient time for your practice and come to class!


Author and Yoga Master Elena Jain

Center for Yoga and Pilates “Lakshmi”


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