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Yoga – is the practice of tolerance and acceptance

Yoga – is the practice of tolerance and acceptance. But, what about practitioners who are overweight? Condemning the views of the group and the impossibility to perform a variety of popular item is pushing full practitioners concluded that yoga is not for them. But instructors “complete” yoga personal example proves that yoga asanas are ideal for people who are overweight. The main thing – the right way to practice, and respect for its features.

Yoga – the practice of lean?

Google search by typing in the word “yoga”, you will find thousands of pictures of people in a variety of asanas.
But what they have in common? Most of the models in the photo – the woman, and all of them are very slim. Here thin woman in a pose of a warrior, but another against the sunset in a pose of a tree; and another thin woman in a forest in the lotus position. The fact that yoga photos selected women with perfect slim figure – is not surprising. Marketers know that the thinness of the model increases sales, especially in the fitness segment. But these images do not correspond to the actual situation, striking out from the world of yoga, millions of ordinary women. One gets the impression that yoga – a practice designed to asthenic type of people that hardly relevant to, for example, Russia, where the percentage of people who are overweight has recently reached 56%.

Yoga – is the practice of tolerance and acceptance 7


Yoga – a universal system suitable for all kinds of people, regardless of weight and clothing size.
The main thing – to know how to start your way into practice.

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Easy start of a new life

Yoga can be a practice that helps overweight people to take his body, his body healthy and making it more flexible and stronger every day ,” – says Anna Guest-Jelley, founder of online resource Full Yoga (Curvy Yoga). For people with a significant overweight soft yoga exercises help to adapt more easily to regular physical activity, as compared to the more intense exercise, such as jogging or group fitness training. In this yoga asanas are great for weight loss and the development of physical endurance.

Most fitness species that promise to lose weight quickly are associated with excessive physical and, more importantly, the mental stress in obese people.
Mad Marathon cycling when the sweat pouring down hail, causing an untrained person real physical and emotional suffering. And physical activity, which should, together with health and harmony, to bring a person in a good mood and joy begins to cause fear and motivation melts. The mental component of yoga – deep breathing, positive attitude and awareness, supported by a practitioner of mind and confidence, regardless of their waist size.

Yoga allows you to look inside yourself, and this concentration on internal sensations, helps to form new positive habits and reduce the flow of self-criticism .” – Abby said Lents, founder of Yoga lessons HEAVYWEIGHT (HeavyWeight Yoga).

Yoga – is the practice of tolerance and acceptance 8

What distinguishes yoga for people with excess weight?

For large people, the worst when they first come to class for beginners – just enter.
yoga classes, like the pictures of the Google, filled with women whose weight is less than half. And the pace of lessons and some of the poses can be a real challenge for overweight people. 

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“It’s natural that people with obesity are moving slower and they need more time to move from one pose to another – Lents explains – this is similar to the movement of a large expensive cruise liner in comparison with the canoe.”

Some poses, such as balances on the shoulders are not suitable for very fat people.
“Evaluate the asanas and be ready at any moment to say to yourself -” I can not do it now, and that’s fine, “- said Lents.

Do not be afraid of group classes, determined that most asanas you can not afford and will have to sit on the “bench to spare.”
It is better to visit a few private lessons with your teacher, reviewing complex asanas and their variations available and preparatory exercises to your progress in the practice of yoga was the most effective and safe. 

Yoga – is the practice of tolerance and acceptance 9

“The interaction with an experienced teacher – an important part of yoga, which takes place outside the mat – Lents said – Be proactive, discuss with your instructor to practice those moments that excite you, talk about their fears and expectations.”

Perhaps in the course of personal communication you come to the conclusion that the teacher is not very suitable to you and want to find the other, with great experience full of people. 

If you are not yet ready to come to the group class, try to start with a regular practice at home.
The Internet offers a lot of resources available for the independent practice of “complete” yoga. On YouTube channels, such as BodyPositiveYoga, have adapted classes for people with excess weight, which not only help to bring the body in shape, but also to cheer up, for example, “how to remove the breast from the face during yoga ‘or’
Savasana for large buttocks” .

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How to make yoga more comfortable for overweight practitioners?

Let stand will be wider. In many standing poses it is recommended to put the feet hip-width apart. But if you are bigger, the wider straddle could be more convenient. Put your feet as wide as necessary, so you can feel the resistance in asana.

Interact with your body. If the skin on the abdomen, arms or chest bothers you in asana, move it, placing your body as you are comfortable. You will not hear of such instruction on traditional yoga classes, so take the initiative in their hands, making the exercise more comfortable.   

Use propsy. If the instructor asks grab your toes, stretching the hamstrings, do not answer him a sarcastic grin. Strap yoga will help achieve the desired traction and rebuild the body properly. Special bricks (yoga block) will provide additional support in the asanas, which is necessary to reach the floor. Do not hesitate to ask the instructor to demonstrate how to use propsy to adapt complex asanas.

Well be too serious. Yoga – it’s not a competition. There is no need to strive for excellence. Let the practice will be an opportunity to connect the body and mind. Acceptance of his body – the lightest and most harmonious way to good health and positive change.


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