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Which yoga is helpful for knee joints?

Which yoga is helpful for knee joints? 3

Two very effective Asanas for knee pain

There are dozens of things that are done in Yoga for knee pain and, as I always tell you, we will see in detail in The Yoga Course For Normal People.

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Which yoga is helpful for knee joints? 4


There are so many mechanical implications of so many elements of the body that we could make a list of Yoga things for the knees and never finish.
But I bring two that are the most effective and covering a broad spectrum on what has to go well in the knee for it to work properly. They cover several pathologies in terms of mobility, joint space and range of motion.

These two Asanas are so simple and easy that it may seem that it will not do anything, but when your knees are sore, you feel a great relief in two or three minutes, because mechanically, the knee gains joint space and with that rest in the impact of its internal structure on menisci and ligaments.

1.Dwi Pada Supta Pavana Muktasana:

What it does and why it works.

As I said, in the simplicity of this therapeutic Yoga posture lies its benefit. It will create that joint space that both helps to relieve aching knees and will prevent an excess of impact in that area.
When the meniscus or ligaments are delicate we notice certain restrictions in the flexion, because when doing that movement there are certain things in the biomechanics of the knee that happen, such as the meniscus recoil and with it their loss of space and the tension of some ligaments. There are also people who due to injuries or operations have been left with little knee flexion. If any of these is your case, do not worry because you can do it without problems because it is designed precisely for those limitations.
In addition to the release of the space of the meniscus with this Asana, the lateral ligaments are relaxed, the posterior cruciate ligament and the blanket help to prevent the anterior crusader from tensing so much.

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How to relieve knee pain with Yoga 1:

– Roll up a blanket or slip or something similar.

– Lie on the floor with your knees towards your chest.

Do not pull from the knees to the chest. Let the sacrum rest on the floor.



– Tuck the blanket to the bottom of the hamstring and close, holding your knees with your fingers entwined.



– If the blanket slips and comes out of the hamstring, raise your feet a little, put it back on and close again.


You can be in the position between 2 and 5 minutes and repeat it a couple of times throughout the day.

2.Utkatasana on the wall with brick:
What it does and why it works.

Many knee injuries such as chondromalacia patellar and bursitis , the function of the patella in particular, happen because one of the 4 parts of the quadriceps works too much, or too little. This produces a tonic imbalance that varies the axis of the patella producing premature wear. No kidding, there are great injuries that happen for this reason.
So the main idea of ​​this Asana is to balance the work and strength of the  Quadriceps , that is, the 4 parts that make up the muscle, work equally.

How to relieve knee pain with Yoga 2:

– Take a brick of Yoga or a book of about 5 or 6 inches of back.
– With the back on the wall bend the knees and that are just above the heels.

Bring the tip of the shoulders back and stick your head on the wall.

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– Put the brick between the knees and the feet separated by the width of the brick. You can do it like this.


– Take advantage and stretch the arms upwards throwing the sides.

Remain between 30 seconds and 1 minute and repeat it a couple of times.

I insist on the simplicity and effectiveness of these two Asanas to relieve and prevent knee pains and to improve their mechanics in general. We give a balanced power to the musculature and create space between the joints which will greatly improve the function of its entire structure because it is what the knee needs to be healthy.

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