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The positive effect of Pranayama on the human body

It is no secret that
yoga has a healthy effect on the entire human body. Yoga asanas improves the circulation of blood throughout the body. Arterial, capillary, venous and lymphatic circulation is stimulated by rhythmic contraction and relaxation of muscles, which act as pumps, opening new and previously unused vessels. This enables the efficient use of energy and the processing and facilitates excellent disease resistance.

Although postures have similar effects on the whole body,
pranayama causes rhythmic lung expansion, creating the proper fluid circulation in the kidneys, stomach, liver, spleen, intestine, skin and other organs. Pranayama helps to maintain a flow of pure blood, which gives the desired tone of the nerves, brain and spinal cord, heart muscle strengthening, so their performance. Pranayama clears nadi protects internal organs and cells neutralize lactic acid which causes fatigue, thus speeding up the recovery of the organism. Pranayama strengthens digestion, improves strength, vitality, sensitivity and memory. It frees the mind from the bondage of the body and sharpens the intellect.


Lungs are directly involved in contact with carbon dioxide in the venous blood and prevent the formation of toxins from ammonia, ketones and aromatic amines.
Light should be kept clean and free from pathogenic bacteria by an effective circulation of blood and lymph. Pranayama assists in this by maintaining the purity of light intensity and increasing the flow of fresh blood.


Liver function depends on blood flow in the hepatic artery, generating metabolic waste for further processing, following which they are output via the bile or urine.
This process is also dependent on blood flow in the portal vein bringing blood from the stomach and small intestine for filtering and processing to remove toxins and bacterial products. In the liver, as there is an active circulation of lymph, the liver provides kletkami- “cleaners” (macrophages) that meander in lymph capturing solid residues, foreign cells and their activities products for disposal or storage. All these processes are stimulated by pranayama.

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Generation of urine in the kidney depends on prolonged filtration of a large volume of arterial blood through the kidney cortex.
This stream is sensitive to the conflicting demands of the body and is often too slow. Trends withdraw blood from the renal cortical meet resistance from the local autoregulation of blood flow in small arteries. This process depends on proper intraurethral pressure and therefore experiences a positive effect on Pranayamy correct position, shape and degree of pressure in the kidneys. Internal massage that takes place during the phase of activity of the abdominal and back muscles, stimulates the flow of lymph in the kidneys, so important to maintain the body’s health.


The rhythmic activity of the diaphragm and abdominal muscles in pranayama directly stimulates the peristaltic movement of the intestine and transverse, and promotes intestinal circulation.
Thus, pranayama intestine helps in performing its functions nutrient absorption and distribution of solid wastes, especially nevsosavsheysya food and metabolic products of beneficial bacteria, the intestinal flora, as well as products containing secrets purified liver (bile), pancreas and intestine.


The spleen, located directly under the left side of the diaphragm, acts as a filter, cleaning the circulating blood from the exhaust of red blood cells – oxygen carriers.
Much of splenic blood circulates inside lymphatic structures and stimulated Pranayama.

According to the yogic texts, regular practice of Pranayama prevents and cures disease.
However, incorrect practice can cause asthma, cough, hypertension, pain in the heart, and the corners of the eyes, dry tongue and sclerosis of the bronchioles (Hatha Yoga Pradipika, II, 16 – 17). Only practice brings the power and knowledge. Daily practice gives confidence in success, and quite deliberately, which frees the sadhaka from the fear of death (
Shiva Samhita, IV, 17/18).

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Source: BKS
Iyengar “Pranayama Dipika”

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