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Yoga for Beginners

Yoga for Beginners 3

You finally decided to do yoga? Then you should be familiar with the basic tips for beginners yoga practice. As a rule, those who choose to do yoga, try to find on a map of the nearest to the house or to the Yoga Center of Moscow ( Yoga Center of Saint Petersburg ). Perhaps you are lucky and near your home will be a great yoga center, where the practice of different yoga styles. But, unfortunately, it is not always like that, as most yoga centers are located in the heart of the city, as most of the urban population live in residential areas of the city.


If you are faced with the problem of choosing a yoga center, then, first of all, you should check out the recommendations and
reviews of the yoga center and its instructors. But sometimes this is not enough, because The second problem – is the choice of style or directions of yoga. We have already published an article about the different styles of yoga and recommendations on the choice of style . Therefore, this article will not go into details here. Immediately move on to other important issues.

If you are new to yoga, you should go either to the introductory course, which takes place in some yoga centers, or at least to go to school for beginners.
They are designed so that people have never practiced yoga. But we should not expect the group to begin attending absolute beginners. Not at all. In these groups you can meet, and those involved in yoga for over a year. Some people believe that up to 10 years in yoga all newcomers. But this opinion is more true for India. The local yoga centers in groups for beginners takes 2-3 years, and then transferred to the main class.

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Going to
the first lesson , remember that between the meal and the beginning of yoga classes must be at least two hours. After practice, you can afford to light drinking, but before the adoption of solid food should be at least an hour, so as not to disturb the digestion process.

Before the start of his first lesson you must inform your instructor that you have come for the first time, and, if necessary, to tell what you have limitations of exercise: injury, illness, or surgery.
It should be remembered that, in spite of the healing properties of yoga, it has contraindications. For example, yoga can not engage in certain heart diseases (uncompensated defects; paroxysmal tachycardia; atrial arrhythmia, aortic aneurysm, myocardial dystrophy), with severe traumatic brain injury, the presence of malignant tumors.

Newcomers in the classroom, often allowed to use auxiliary materials (
propsy ). This is especially characteristic of Iyengar yoga, yogaterapii, yoga for pregnant women. Do not be shy to use auxiliary materials (blocks, Bolster, blankets), even if it turns out the other practitioners to perform the asanas without their use. Everyone is different and some of the asanas in the early stages of development may be too difficult even for healthy people.

During the lessons should listen to their feelings.
You should feel comfortable in asana and is in it for as long as you can. Even if other practitioners continue to stand in asana, and you do not have the strength or dizzy, get out immediately. No need to do the asanas “through his teeth.” You should be relaxed. Then the practice you will enjoy.

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Morning Yoga for Beginners

Evening Yoga for Beginners

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