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Rhythmic breathing of yogis

Rhythmic breathing of yogis 3

Based on the assumption that everything in the physical world is in perpetual vibration, we must assume that some rhythm can be found in any vibrating. Rhythm pervades the whole universe, with our body as much subject to rhythmic laws as the planets in its rotation around the sun. Part of the science of the breath, belonging to the yogis, based on the knowledge of these principles, the rhythms of nature. Consciously using the rhythm of the body, yoga can absorb a huge amount of prana, which they use to get the desired results.

Yoga by its base rate per unit, which corresponds to the beating heart.
The heart beats with a different pace in different people, but the heartbeat, taken as a unit of rhythmic accounts for each person there is a completely correct measure for breath this particular individual. Try to determine the normal beat of your heart, considering the pulse as long as the rhythm of the locks is clear in your mind. A little practice will make you remember this rhythm not only in the abstract, but, so to speak, feeling. And then you will be able to easily play it in memory and feel in their heart beating.

Exercises do rhythmic breathing while sitting, sitting so that the head, chest and neck on the line.
The inhalation should be slow at schets 1 to 6 heart beats, breathing, then delayed by 3 beats of heart. Exhale necessary na6 pulse beats. Propustite3 heartbeat pulse before making a new breath. Repeat this exercise several times. Gradually increase the duration should breaths. After a few months duration will be equal to 16, the pulse, and the need to hold their breath for 8 beats.

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Gradually increasing the breath and delay, do not overdo it: it is better practice to stretch on for months, you perform great breath without good preparation.
Improvements in the practice will come with time. Ability to pranayama need to improve slowly, otherwise you risk to cause lung damage.

Remember that the technique of rhythmic breathing has beneficial effects on the emotional mood of the person, his state of health and helps to find peace of mind, unity with nature.
Using this technique in practice, you will accumulate prana and use it for their own benefit.

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