Silva Method Life: How to discover your true passion

Silva Method and meditation: Find out what your true passion

If you had to spend the rest of your life doing the same thing, what would it be?

Think about something you’re passionate about, you welfare contribution, motivate you and make you feel done.

Think of something so worth waking up in the morning , something that makes you feel happy and something that is good enough to live on it the rest of your life .

When you have that something, you have your passion .

But if you’re like most people, chances are that you find somewhat difficult to find what that passion, the great engine of your life, the reason that allows you to spend the rest of your days doing what you love while you are earning money for it … Because there are passions that feed the soul, but we need to feed our income to live.

And best of all is that your passion can become your lifestyle : you just have to complete the puzzle pieces and to find ways to adapt your passion for your work.

We all have a “passion”. Discover, adapt to the times and make it a lifestyle can be the impetus needed you to feel completely done and have the life you always wanted for you .

So today from Silva Method we want to help you discover your true passion and encourage you that to become your lifestyle . We know that when that happens, everything changes automatically and your life becomes much better.
Silva de Vida method: How to discover your true passion 3
So, do you dare to dive deeper into the world that will take you to discover yours?

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Welfare How do I know if I’m working on my true passion?

How would you define passion? There are as many meanings as there are people, but basically passion is the flame that lets you work when others rest , and enjoy while you do it .

Are you going to work every day with a big smile? Are you motivated in your work? Do you feel in your job done? You enjoy what you do?

Or on the other hand you feel sad, unhappy and unfortunate in your work?

If you feel you’re running endlessly on a wheel, if you see the days pass and you find yourself in a dead end, if you know so much effort not take you where you want to , if you feel overwhelmed by routine and if the fear of change you prevents open your eyes … So let me tell you need to find your passion .

You think maybe it’s not easy such a major change is at stake … But something even more important: your happiness .

Do not wait until it’s too late to realize what you really like. Today, more than ever, you have the opportunity to dedicate yourself to what you love, and what you love. It’s possible.

Meditation: But … What is my passion?

Many people need months or even years to find the passion of his life.

If you find yourself at that point, then you’ll be pleased to know that an investigation which was echoed by the New York Daily News reveals how mindfulness meditation can help people find what they like to do, what they inspiration, dreams, hopes and goals .

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It is scientifically proven that among the more than 100 benefits that meditation (has more than 100 recognized!) are included that helps you relax and bring focus, clarity of thoughts and great ideas.

Use it to find your passion.

To meditate for 15 to 30 minutes every day is enough. You can use the technique that works best for you (here we offer some “different” options); but from the Silva Method we recommend that if you have major concerns, feel that “you need to go further” and would start finding answers that allow you to live better you sign up for our free mini-course “You Sin Fronteras”.

In the not only receive the famous exercise of centralization Alfa so you can reap the benefits of meditation, but receive a total of 8 powerful lessons to help you develop your potential and bring many answers to your life (you can register for free here) .

Complementary to your meditation, there is a very powerful thing you can do to find your true passion: perform the exercise that we will share below.

Mind Control: 10 questions that will take you to discover your true passion

The best questions are those that allow you to get interesting answers, which will reveal important information about yourself and bring you into the action.

So we want to share you 10 questions that will help you discover your passion .

Grab a pen and paper, take the time you need and let your imagination fly. The result of these questions can be the answer you were looking for so long .

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# 1) My life is doing what I want or I’m leaving just drag?

# 2) What activity would be willing to do day after day even without receiving money in exchange?

# 3) What activity makes time pass without even me noticing?

# 4) What else would the rest of my life if I had the chance to choose?

# 5) On what topic I read a lot without being tedious or boring me?

# 6) What are my favorite books?

# 7) Who you envy?

# 8) Would you choose again what I do now if I had the chance to travel back in time? What would change?

# 9) What makes my creativity to skyrocket?

# 10) What is the task I very easily and performing better than average?

Do not worry if you can not answer all questions right now: just take a few minutes every day to them, Set aside time to meditate and gradually the answers will arrive. When you have all, do not be too hard to “connect the dots”.

And before finishing we would like to know your opinion: how do you feel about your job? Are you motivated and you feel fulfilled? Or instead you feel is “an ordeal” and that nothing you do will be rewarded somewhere?

If you were interested in this topic, pay attention to our next articles, because we’ll be talking about the steps to find true passion and how to turn that passion into a pleasant way to work ????

So let us your opinions, your questions, your comments and your questions about the passion of your life and try to resolvértelas in future articles.

Have you discovered your true passion? What are you good at doing? Share your comments with Silva community