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Meditate with songs


Meditate with songs 3


Did you know that song meditation can help strengthen your yoga sessions?

Many people who begin to incorporate meditation into their daily lives often fall asleep, they get bored and have trouble concentrating.

That’s because they need to learn to meditate.
And a very effective way to do this is trying to meditate with songs .

That may be a good option to have more energy and vitality, improve your mood, be motivated, away stress and ultimately live more intensely and make the most of all your opportunities.

And if you want to start meditating with songs, then we share the most effective options so you can apply from today.

Meditate with songs

Meditate with songs is one of the options most sought after by most people who find it difficult to meditate and all those who want to go further in their lives and enhance their meditations.

So from the Silva Method say you wanted to meditate with songs is really powerful but not all songs are equally effective.

Music reduces pain, stress isolates, strengthens health, stimulates the brain, facilitates sleep, improves performance and optimism, and also makes emotional medicine.

And all that without the more than 100 benefits that meditation.


So imagine what you can get by mixing meditation with songs.

Pondering songs: music for your meditation

There are different types of music for meditation songs.

All help to meditate and all have their particular benefits.

Here we share the most recommended and effective to enter alpha state (necessary for meditation), to meditate successfully and thus joining all the benefits you will achieve by incorporating this new healthy habit into your life.

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1. Classical music.

Thousands of people from all corners of the world classical music traditionally used to meditate with songs.

It is a soft and smooth ear sounds, so it’s easy to concentrate the mind.

You can listen to songs by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Markus Stocker and many other known interpreters of classical music.

2. Nature sounds.

The best way to use the sounds of nature to meditate is “live”; ie ideally go to a quiet place like a forest, a garden or a hill.

But if it is not possible, there are many audios that recreate these types of sounds of nature so you can use them in your meditation anywhere, anytime.

Many researchers also argue that these sounds help to keep the mind peaceful.

3. The sound Alfa.

Not exactly a sound but a series of vibrations that help put our brain waves in Alpha (relaxed state of mind prior to sleep).

These vibrations are not fluctuating but constant and monotonous, which is helpful to quickly enter deep states of meditation and sustain these states over time.

If you want to try to meditate to the sound Alfa we invite you to try it for free here.

This is our free lessons, and the first of them will share in powerful and famous Alfa centralization exercise.

4. instrumental music.

Instrumental music is a good alternative to meditate.

It consists of soft music of musical instruments like the flute classical guitar, violin, bells, harp or others.

There are special audio with instrumental music and you can even find them on Youtube.

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5. binaural sounds.

Binaural sounds are an excellent alternative to classical meditation.

It is about audios you must listen with headphones or earphones that are designed to act directly on your brain, thus changing the state in which your mind is that you want.

It uses two waves of slightly different sounds: one is perceived by your right ear and one in your left ear.

Hence a third frequency is created as a sort of “illusion” which is what is known as binaural sound is the sound you about the state you want.

It is shown that listening to binaural beats often reduces pain by up to 50%, improve mood, enhance memory, promote better concentration and focus, help eliminate stress, combat insomnia and improve sleep quality. You can read more about them here.

As you can see, there are many ways to meditate different songs.

Which of these 6 options you think is more suited to you?

This gentle music of the heart creates a meditative atmosphere and tremendously improves the quality of meditation.

Put soft music volume while practicing meditation; the mere fact of listening will help you feel the deep inner stillness of meditation.



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