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Which yoga poses can remove all fats from the whole body?

Which yoga poses can remove all fats from the whole body? 7

Your busy work contributes to unhealthy lifestyles, causing weight gain and illness. Exercising the same good diet helps reduce these risks. If you have experienced a variety of methods in the past year but do not work, then try Yoga and feel great.

Which yoga poses can remove all fats from the whole body? 8


Yoga burns fat, lowers blood sugar and controls it.

Which yoga poses can remove all fats from the whole body? 9

Yoga increases the heart rate and hemoglobin levels in the blood. If excess weight is the cause of back pain and joint pain, do not worry, you can eliminate it by practicing yoga and increasing the toughness of the joints and spinal muscles at the same time.

Yoga helps you maintain your weight

Yoga not only reduces your body weight but also helps you live a better life by doing exercises without any side effects that can give you the best results. You can lose 300 calories after half an hour of yoga-equivalent to bending or using a treadmill at the gym.

To do that, you need to list what you need to do to establish a healthy weight loss plan. A one-month yoga class and a discontinued diet will not be beneficial in the long term. A study in the United States found that over 15,000 overweight people showed that at least three yoga sessions a week reduced their weight by 3kg a month.

Trying to close your eyes when you eat and during yoga can help you experience the complete feeling of how your body moves.

Be patient: It takes time and patience to lose weight with yoga. You should start from small steps, do not rush if not, you will miss the important benefits.

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Build a good diet that includes the combination of nutrients at a proper rate that will provide the energy you need such as protein, whole grains, fruit …

-Choose a reputable and quality yoga center to send yourself. Come to Yoga Plus paradise, you will enjoy and relax with the services and the most luxurious space and yoga masters from India will certainly support you get the desired results. .

Let yoga be your companion in maintaining a healthy physique

Losing weight is never too late when you know the basics and take it seriously. Do not let an oversized body overshadow all of your beauty, do not let that discourage you. Because when you are self-deprecating, your brain sends out a message of boredom, causing the organs in your body to act in a sad, negative way.

The joy of fat people will not make you feel guilty under any circumstances than any, the fun of the ugly people will not make you stigmatized. So, never hate yourself with negative thoughts that you are ugly, overweight, What you need to do the most right now is to eliminate bad habits, laziness, concentration change yourself from the inside out. Because of wanting to change your body, you must first change your mind.

Which yoga poses can remove all fats from the whole body? 10

1. Kapal bhati pranayama ( Lung cleaning technique )

Effect : This Pranayama boosts metabolism and weight loss. It also stimulates the organs in the abdomen and improves gastrointestinal function.

– Sit comfortably, cross your legs and straighten your back. Hands on knees. Relax face and body.

– Take a deep breath with the nose, abdomen stretch and then breathe out by squeezing the tummy.

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– After breathing heavily to inhale again, this time no effort to breathe in deep so that the lungs open themselves to draw air into. Just relax.

You can exercise in 15 breaths. After completing 15 deep breaths and exhaling, start relaxing and deep breathing.

2. Chakrasana posture (posture)

Effect:  This position helps massage the abdominal organs and helps relieve constipation. It also improves the function of the liver and thus eliminates excess fat and cholesterol .


– Stand straight, legs close together and arms on both sides.

– Straighten your arms over your head and bend the upper body to the back. Bend as much as you can, to feel your body stretch.

– For many days your body will gradually gain flexibility and you will be able to bend more.

3. Shalabhasana posture (grasshopper posture)

Effect: This posture stretches the abdomen and stimulates the organs in the abdomen, reducing constipation .


– Lie on the stomach, take a deep breath and lift the lower half of the body up from the surface of the carpet (keep the breathing action free), both feet straight and not touch the floor.

4. Sarvangasana posture (shoulders)

Effect: This posture stimulates the organs in the abdomen and improves digestion.


Lie on your back, relax your body, your hands parallel to your body. Next, exhale while lifting your legs slowly off the floor at an angle of about 60 degrees. As you put your legs up, breathe in.

Continue raising your hips and legs so that your legs create a 90 degree angle to the floor. Use your arms against your hips to lift your body.

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– Keep this position so that you feel comfortable while breathing slowly and deeply through the abdomen.

5. Paschimottanasana posture (sitting down)

Effects: This posture stimulates the liver and kidneys; Lose weight and help remove excess fat from the abdomen.


– Sitting on the floor, legs stretched, hands relaxed on the lap.

– Keep your back and knees straight, take a deep breath, raise your arms over your head.

Slowly bend your body forward, trying not to bend your knees.

– Try to touch the knee if you can.

Hold this position for 30-60 seconds while breathing normally.

6. Ardha Matsyendrasana posture (spinal stiffness)

Effects: This posture massages the abdominal organs, the liver and helps stimulate in overcoming witness  flatulence  indigestion.


– Pull the left leg over the top of the right leg, knees up, left ankle placed near the right knee. Bend your knees so that your heels touch your butt.

– Raise the left arm and place it behind the palm of the hand on the floor.

– Tap your right arm on your left toe and foot.

– Turn the body to the left and look over your left shoulder while taking a deep breath.

Keep the posture in 5 breaths and repeat with the other.

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