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How Can I Remove Extra Fat From My Body?

How Can I Remove Extra Fat From My Body? 5

Yoga is not just a story of meditation and relaxation. It is also a calorie burning sport, as long as you choose the right yoga and the right posture. 

How Can I Remove Extra Fat From My Body? 6


How many calories burned per hour with yoga? 

Before talking about postures, let’s talk about yoga. Because there is not one but several types of yoga , each one having its own techniques and its own purposes. 

Depending on the chosen yoga style, you burn more or fewer calories. Hatha yoga, for example, is a classic form of yoga that first and foremost allows you to relax by working with flexibility. A one-hour session burns an average of 180 calories. 

If we go to vinyasa yoga , we go up in intensity. This yoga consists in linking the postures according to a more sustained rhythm. In one hour, we sweat more and we spend more. Count, according to your template, about 440 calories per hour.  

And for the big sportsmen who want to push their limits, the bikram yoga promises to burn more than 600 calories per hour. This “hot yoga”, as its name suggests, is practiced in a room at 40 ° C, with intensive postures chained every 5 to 6 seconds.

Burn calories with yoga: easy postures

Each type of yoga consists of a sequence of more or less demanding postures. Some of them burn more calories.

  • The posture of the board. 

This posture is a form of yoga version cladding . One positions oneself in board, the outstretched arms and the palms of the hands flat.

Holding this position requires engaging all the muscles, from the arms to the legs through the shoulders and the lap belt. 

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How Can I Remove Extra Fat From My Body? 7

  • The posture of the chair. 

Holding the posture of the chair is a bit like staying in a squat position without ever going back up. It allows you to  burn calories just like a fitness exercise.

Start standing with your feet together and extend your arms over your head while lowering your buttocks. Keep your back straight, tighten the abs and lower the arms in front of you so that they are parallel to the ground.

All you have to do is hold on!  

  • The posture of the grasshopper. 

Nice name, nice challenge. The grasshopper consists of lying on your stomach, arms extended along the body, and simultaneously lifting the bust, feet and arms. 

To stay in this position, it is necessary to engage the entire abdominal belt.

  • The posture of the dog upside down leg up.

Start with the dog’s posture upside down . On all fours, rest on your hands and knees. As you inhale, stretch your legs and raise the pelvis by lifting the heels off the floor and tilting the chest forward.

This position makes work hips and back. With its leg up version, we strengthen the entire body. To do this, raise your leg towards the ceiling, making sure it aligns well with your hips and shoulders. Hold the position and repeat the operation with the other leg.

The pros yoga postures for burning calories 

We are struggling for energy expenses increased tenfold. 

  • The posture on the head. 

This is canon position that will earn you hundreds of hearts on Instagram. In this posture, the hands and forearms serve as a base for the head and body, which requires a lot of balance and control.

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A position as effective as boxing for burning calories but not easy to master. 

  • The sleeping angle. 

The abs burn, burn, burn in this yoga pose simple to achieve but difficult to hold. 

Lying on the floor on your back, lift your legs up while taking off the back of the floor. Arms stretched forward on each side of your legs, hold the position while maintaining balance. 

  • The posture of the bow. 

The posture of the bow is the posture of the grasshopper … more difficult! 

From the position of the grasshopper, raise your bust further and bend your legs to catch them in your back. The whole body is engaged to form an arch whose base is your pelvis. 

  • The posture of the pump. 

His name is equivocal: it’s about making a pump … but staying down. This difficult posture can strengthen his arms while shaping the abs. No doubt, it burns calories better than anyone! 

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