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How Did Yoga Change Your Life? What Are Some Of Your Personal Experiences With It?

How Did Yoga Change Your Life? What Are Some Of Your Personal Experiences With It? 3

The virtues of yoga are very diverse and cover a wide range of physical, emotional and health aspects.

How Did Yoga Change Your Life? What Are Some Of Your Personal Experiences With It? 4


Regular practice of yoga will be a good helper to improve the quality of sleep, maintain a normal weight, ease back pain, relieve stress, and also give the buttocks a tight fit.

woman in lotus pose

It seems impossible to tell in one article about all its advantages, but we will try to do it right here and right now!

Below are presented as many advantages, which you must know about. So wear special training pants, turn on your favorite disc with lessons and go!

1. Good sleep

Nowadays, millions of people in one way or another regularly suffer from insomnia. Yoga, indeed, helps to get rid of this problem. A few sessions per week will actually improve the quality of sleep. It’s true!

2. Beautiful posture

If you practice several times a week, it will help strengthen the muscles of the bark, and, therefore, the posture will improve much.

You will walk with a confident gait, with molten shoulders and head held high. Good posture is a guarantee of health. In addition, women with beautiful posture always look attractive!

3. Relieving stress

One of the most important benefits of yoga is that it is an excellent means of dealing with stress.

During the classes you will need to drop all thoughts and focus only on your body and breathing. Therefore, stress caused by stress, will decline even after the practice is over.

girl in stress

4. Weight Loss

In combination with a healthy diet, regular yoga classes will not only save you from extra pounds, but also help keep the result. Therefore, is it any wonder that among the numerous exercises and slimming complexes recorded on DVD, it is these occupations that take, not the last place.

5. Strong muscle tone

In addition to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, yoga contributes to the formation of dry (lean) muscle mass, and also helps to develop and tone up existing muscle.

But do not be afraid to become too inflated, just your body will gain a beautiful silhouette!

6. Soft loading

Yoga refers to the kind of physical activity with a low load. This means that even those who have health problems, as well as elderly people, can practice it.

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However – it’s soft, but it’s still a load. Therefore, if you have any diseases, be sure to consult a doctor first. And if there are no contraindications, sign up for a group for beginners!

yoga at home

7. Love for life

Many parents deal with their children, who also learn poses and learn to meditate. Children continue to practice even after they leave the parental home, and this love remains with them for the rest of their lives.

8. Acuity of the mind

It has been proven that regular sessions help to get rid of problems with memory and concentration of attention. The practice of yoga is able to prevent and even cure Alzheimer’s disease. It’s amazing!

9. Yoga can be included in the fitness training plan

A good training must include cardio and force, exercises with weights and without it, as well as stretching.

Yoga will be the perfect complement to the usual workout – this is a good kind of stretching and excellent cardio loading!


10. Balance sheet

If you have problems with a sense of balance, yoga will definitely help.

There seems to be nothing she could not handle!

11. Start small

Another advantage of yoga is that it opens the way to a healthy lifestyle.

After starting to practice, you will want to become healthier in other aspects of life, for example, about nutrition. And among people who smoke, there may even be a desire to give up this bad habit. Terrific!

12. Time with friends

If you still decide to practice yoga, then you can do it with your friends – it will be much more useful than night parties, or joint shopping.

yoga with friends

13. You can deal with the whole family

Since you can practice at home or in the park, it is possible to do this with the whole family, including your dad. Yes, dad’s in tights for yoga!

14. Rid of pain / stiffness in the back

Medical research shows that regular yoga exercises are indeed also effective in treating pain / stiffness in the back, like medications. Although in some cases, classes give the best result.

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Would not it be great to move without pain?

15. Strengthening of the press

In addition to an attractive, smart priests, you can strengthen the muscles of the press. Say “Hello!” To regular yoga classes and “Farewell!” Fat folds at the waist and abdomen!

16. Can be practiced during pregnancy

You did not know that you can practice yoga and benefit from it throughout your pregnancy?

It was proved that in women who continued studies during pregnancy (in a milder form, of course), the childbirth was easier.

Very weighty argument to make friends with her!

17. You can study anywhere

Once you get acquainted with the basic poses and technique of their implementation, you can practice practically anywhere, alone or with the company.

Of course, it’s great to do yoga in the gym. But agree, it’s so nice to work out in the park, at home or on vacation!

asana yoga

18. Opportunity to meet like-minded people

It is difficult to make new friends when you are an adult, a family and a respectable person.

But if you are engaged in a studio or a gym, then you will have the opportunity to meet there people who share your views and a relatively healthy lifestyle.

19. Beautiful hands!

There is no more unpleasant picture than to see how at the time of greeting or farewell the flabby muscles of the raised hand hang and shake.

Here is another advantage – it helps to strengthen the tone of the muscles on the hands, eliminating the unattractive saggy and flabby “wings” (fu!).

20. Stunning legs!

It has already been mentioned that yoga will help with a good company, an attractive booty and a tight press, and also relieve you of flabby muscles in your arms.

And it will help to make your legs more slender – will form the calf muscles and tighten the hips. Thus, your body will be fully prepared for the beach season!

Beautiful legs

21. An excellent type of cardio load

Many people involved in yoga do not even know that it can be an excellent substitute for cardio exercises.

In fact, this is so. Intensive practice is a good load for the heart. During the class, you will feel the pulse begin to accelerate, and sweating increases.

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22. Notable result

Doing regular, you will see real progress over time. Starting with the basics, many gradually move to a higher level and begin to perform whole complexes consisting of complex poses and stretch marks. But this will take more than a year!

23. The medicine for pain

Yoga is a wonderful way to fight chronic pain.

But this is not a drug with side effects and not a drug. In addition, it is available to almost everyone. Therefore, it can be safely recommended to those who suffer for a long time from pain in the joints, muscles or back.


24. Charges with energy

Like any other form of physical activity, regular practice will provide you with a charge of energy for a long time. Much more than any power engineer can give, the effect of which quickly evaporates.

25. Helps with asthma and breathing problems

One of the undeniable advantages of yoga is its ability to eliminate breathing problems such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

If you have a serious illness of the respiratory system, you should consult your doctor before you start.

26. Problems with the tummy

Do you know that several yoga practices a week will help to eliminate gastrointestinal disorders?

And this, really – it really, will help to get rid of problems with your tummy.

27. There are no competitors

Not everyone likes the competitive nature of training. Yoga is good because each practitioner develops at his own pace. Here people improve their technique not for the sake of reward in the form of a belt or a badge. They have completely different purposes.

28. Strengthening of immunity

Another benefit of training is that they help strengthen the immune system.

Do you agree that it is much more pleasant than vaccination against influenza?

29. Prevention of osteoporosis

Yoga classes refer to exercises with the overcoming of the weight of one’s own body (without burdening). Therefore, they can be safely used as a preventive measure of osteoporosis.

This is a fantastic advantage – many women are prone to this dangerous disease, leading to brittle bones.

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