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What are the pros and cons of Bikram Hot Yoga?

What is hot yoga: the pros and cons of classes

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What are the pros and cons of Bikram Hot Yoga? 7
Perhaps the popular hot yoga is your option.


What are the pros and cons of Bikram Hot Yoga? 8

Bikram yoga more known as hot yoga came to us, as well as traditional yoga, from India. The name she received in honor of her inventor, Bikram Chowdhury, a man practicing yoga almost from the cradle. Because of the once serious injury, he had to abandon his passion and spend many years to recover. After unsuccessful attempts to regain lost health Bikram unexpectedly discovered that exercises performed in a very heated room significantly accelerate the achievement of the desired effect.

Today, Bikram Yoga has gained wide popularity not only in America and Europe but also in our country. A feature of such training is that all exercises are performed in a heated room up to 40 gadusov, which is why hot yoga has a number of contraindications.


What are the pros and cons of Bikram Hot Yoga? 9
  1. Hot yoga, like the traditional one, provokes an active burning of calories, which continues for some time after the end of classes, and in the case of Bikram yoga, things are even better – because of the high temperatures, the weight loss process is even more rapid. Thus, hot yoga, this is an excellent, and most importantly a quick way to lose weight, in a short time to get rid of cellulite and bring your body in good shape.
  2. Due to the high temperatures in the room, you sweat profusely, which means that unnecessary toxins and waste products leave the body through the skin.
  3. A body that has been in a heated room for a long time has the property to acquire greater flexibility, which means that stretching exercises will be more painless for you.
  4. Hot yoga has a good effect on the heart, helping to strengthen the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system.
  5. This kind of yoga is most suitable for the rapid restoration of injuries of varying severity.
  6. Bikram yoga will help you relax after a hard day and put your nervous system in order.
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  1. The first and, perhaps, the main drawback of hot yoga is that only healthy people can be engaged in it, which, alas, is very small in large cities. Contraindications include even the presence of such a seemingly insignificant disease as vascular dystonia. If you do not react well to temperature changes, Bikram yoga is an unattainable pleasure for you, because studies in this mode can cause severe dizziness or even fainting in people with weak blood vessels. The same goes for people with heart disease.
  2. Hot yoga is forbidden to engage, if you have varicose veins, as the pressure on the vessels will only aggravate their condition.
  3. When we feel stifling and hot, we feel thirsty. This is a natural process. In conditions of Bikram yoga, there is a profuse sweating and, of course, you want to drink twice as much. And this means that the burden on the kidneys is increasing.
  4. Yoga should not be done in the morning, because after training the body simply can not recover quickly and return to the usual rhythm.

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