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Can we do meditation at night?

Can we do meditation at night? 5

Who does not know that?! We lie awake in bed at night, the day comes to rest and we try to fall asleep. Actually everything could be so nice, but there it is at once. Without advance notice, without invitation, just like that: The Kopfkino! It is often triggered due to stress and worries in everyday life.

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Can we do meditation at night? 6


In the same movie we are often guests even if we can not sleep through, suddenly awake, or the urge to urinate.

The thoughts turn in circles, we think through the events of the past or the coming day and try to find solutions that do not exist. But that does not matter to the mind: thinking ahead is always over and over and over! We just can not put our thoughts aside for the night and let go!

5 tips to sleep better

The general thing about falling asleep is that you can not force it any more, such as being in love. On the contrary, you ” fall asleep “. Then I am hopelessly at the mercy of my sleep disorders?Fortunately, this assumption is not true! We can do a lot in advance to fall asleep quickly. Whether phantasy iron, autogenic training, healthy diet or guided meditations – there are many sleep-hacks against the stupid insomnia!

1.Regular sleep times

Regular sleep times ensure that the biological clock is set to sleep. That’s why it’s good to keep the sleep rhythm at the weekend.

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2.Say no to the blue light

The bedroom and the bed should have a relaxing atmosphere and best be TV and computer free .The blue light of these electronic devices has a waking effect.

3.Introduce an evening ritual

A personal evening ritual prepares the body to go to bed soon. That can be a bath, a relaxing yoga practice, a guided meditation (see below) or reading a few pages. It is especially nice to make a habit of thinking of 5 things that made you happy on that day. You’ll wonder how happy you’ll fall asleep and wake up the next morning!

4.Pay attention to your diet

If you feel light in the evening, you will easily fall asleep. Oily food , which requires the digestive system to work at its peak, should be eaten at midday, if at all.

5.Way with your stress hormones

You should burn stress hormones by moving before you sleep . We often produce many stress hormones during the day and especially at work, which make us extremely alert and able to fight or flee. If these hormones also waft through our bodies at night, it is no wonder that we can not fall asleep.

Can we do meditation at night? 7

That’s why exercise is important to burn these stress hormones. Yoga is especially recommended here, as it is not only on the body but also on the mind and soul. Already 20 to 30 minutes work wonders here! Back-bends can be very awake – so it’s a good idea to try out what the right asanas are.

Now you are happy, relaxed and tired in bed. But now comes the icing on the cake for a quick sleep.Some people count sheep, some resort to self-hypnosis, do autogenic training or meditation. But often the ghost reports it again, because it is often difficult – so without help from the outside – not to let the thoughts wander off.

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Guided meditation as a technique for better falling asleep

There is a solution to the sleep-robbing and seemingly hopeless situation of the monkeymind. Because the goal of meditation is to pull the senses away from the outside and concentrate fully on a meditation object.

By focusing on the object of meditation, the sleep-depriving thoughts quickly become smaller, as they no longer get so much energy, calm and relaxation come to mind and you glide so softly to sleep.

A guided meditation helps very well, because you can concentrate on the sound of the voice and thus have a further concentration help.

But some may also fall asleep better with a meditation recited in silence. That’s why there is the practical guide but of course also a guided meditation to fall asleep . So anyone can meditate on his taste, so either just click on the YouTube link and listen via iPhone or iPad mediation, or read the instructions and just try it out.

But beware : If you do not sleep alone, use the best headphones, so that your bed neighbor in peace can enjoy his deserved sleep.

The Guided meditation for a better fall asleep

1.Choose your sleeping position

Lie relaxed in bed best on your back. If that’s too uncomfortable for you, just choose your favorite sleeping position.

2.Conscious breathing

Now start 3 to 4 times deeply through the nose and exhale. Feel how inhalation lifts your abdominal wall and how it lowers with exhalation. If you have inhaled and exhaled 3 to 4 times, then let the breathing flow easily and start to observe your breathing without affecting it.

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3.Mantra & Mindfulness

Now inwardly begin to repeat the word ” rest ” with inhalation in silence and the term ” relaxation “with exhalation .

Whenever the mind starts to wander again, do not fret, but rather say ” Hello dear thought, nice that you are there, now you may go again ” and then come back with the attention to breathing and your mantra: “rest” with the inhalation, “relaxation” with the exhalation.

Hello dear thought, nice that you are there, now you are allowed to go again

Of course, the terms “rest” and “relaxation” can also be replaced by other soothing words that help you fall asleep. Be prepared to meditate in silence in this way for at least 10 minutes. Not only does this help you fall asleep faster, it also trains your mindfulness and concentration.

4.Sleep slowly!

If you listen to Youtube meditation, do not be surprised that I will not continue at some point. The meditation is designed in such a way that you will fall asleep while listening to it and then continue to sleep happily throughout the night.

This is the perfect mediation technique against alertness. The next morning you’ll wonder in wondering why you suddenly feel so well rested.

And now good night ????

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