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Yoga for Men’s Health

If we now visit modern yogacenter, the first thing that catches our eye is the predominance of the female audience in the classroom. Almost in every center of yoga in the schedule you can see the female yoga classes, while male classes are very rare. Of course, demand dictates the offer, and as a result we see an increased demand among women for yoga, and quite a low demand from men for this type of practice. Even at times stereotypes develop, that yoga is purely female practice, and men should “tug iron”. However, this is fundamentally not true! Initially, yoga was only a male practice. Yoga for men is not only a physical exercise that allows you to be cheerful, cheerful and sexually attractive, but a self-discipline training that helps to keep calm and peace of mind in all situations.

As a result of regular practice, all the muscles of the body are strengthened, endurance develops. During the training of pain of a different nature, fatigue, stress, irritability disappear, replaced by peace and calm. In contrast to strength training, after yoga practice there is a surge of energy, vigor and strength, increased efficiency, creative and sexual activity.

The yoga practice complex for men includes the following asanas :

  • For warm-up, it is recommended to perform the complex Surya Namaskar . It helps stretch the back and legs in front of the practice, and also promotes awakening, gives a rush of necessary energy. During the performance of the complex it is necessary to breathe calmly and deeply.
  • Asanas for the opening of the pelvis area: Utthita Trikonasana ,   Utthita Parsvakonasan , Ardha Chandrasan , Virabhadrasana I , Virabhadrasana II , Virabhadrasana III , Vrikshasan , Upavisthas Konasan , Padmasan , Buddha Konasan . These asanas, opening the pelvic region, have a beneficial effect on the genitals and improve potency.
  • The slopes – Adho Mukha Shvanasana ,   Uttanasana , Pashchimotanasana , Jan Shirshasan – help to relax, let go of unnecessary thoughts, give the brain rest.
  • Inverted asanas – Salamba Sarvangasana , Halasana , Salamba Shirshasan – improve metabolism, prevent obesity, update brain cells, fight with signs of aging (wrinkles, gray hair).
  • Deflections – Dhanurasana , Shalabhasana , Urdva Mukha Shvanasana – stretch the spine, restoring its flexibility, and also tone up the abdominal cavity organs (stomach, intestine, spleen).
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