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Does facial yoga exercises work? Is facial yoga a remedy?

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Toning her face with facial yoga

It only takes five minutes a day … Thanks to a few targeted self-massage exercises to be practiced every day, facial yoga can erase the stress and tensions of everyday life, fade dark circles and crow’s feet … And even, to prevent drooping eyelids.

Palming: warm up your face to better illuminate your eyes

Whatever your program, your preparation will remain the same: palming and relaxation of the muscles in your eyes.

The gesture
– Start by vigorously rubbing your hands together to create a warm-up effect, before placing them flat on each of your temples.
– Make small pressure movements, pulling the skin slightly backwards.
– Repeat the movement a dozen times.

The interest
This exercise will not only warm the muscles around the eye, but also help to reclaim his face. Alain Pénichot’s explanation: “If we are so subject to external tensions, it is also because we do not know how to take any more time for us.These first movements will allow us to relax the attention, send a signal relaxing to the nervous system. ”

The extra tip
Before starting the exercises, apply a natural hot water compress on your eyelids – avoid tap water – soaked in green tea or organic chamomile. Tap lightly, then gently pass an ice cube following the perimeter of the eye. Draining effect guaranteed!

Relax the eye contour and reduce dark circles

Combined with some simple natural tips, facial yoga helps to reduce fatigue rings or marks due to poor circulation.Gestures
For the lower eyelids:
– Place your hands along your lower eyelids at the height of the cheekbone.
– Apply downward pressure to stretch the skin.
– Try to lift the muscle of your lower eyelid, as if you wanted to adjust your view to a distant object. Repeat the movement a dozen times.For the upper eyelids: Exercising the visor
– Hold the eyebrows up with your two index fingers.
– Look to close your eyes, while maintaining the pressure of your fingers.
– Repeat the exercise 10 times.To work both eyelids simultaneously: the exercise of the glasses
– Like the children, make the gesture of the glasses: spread the upper eyelid with the index finger and the lower eyelid with the thumb.
– Look to close your eyes, while maintaining the pressure with your fingers.
– Repeat the exercise 10 times.
– Using the index finger, make three circles around the eyes. Go out of the outer corner of the eye, and follow the orbit.
– Bring the thumbs under the eyebrows and exert three pressures. Then use three thumbs and forefingers on the bridge of the nose.

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To relax the eye: exercise 8 inspired Qi Gong
– The closed point, make a movement in 8 around the eyes, through the nasal bridge.
– Repeat the movement 10 times, gradually accelerating the movement.

Does facial yoga exercises work? Is facial yoga a remedy? 3


The interest
These exercises re-energize the entire gaze and allow to activate the microcirculation of the eye contour. Result: it clears the dark circles while muscling the eyelids.

Lighten the signs of aging and relax the look

Lighten the signs of aging with facial yogaA laugh, a blow of stress, a grimace and the wrinkles of the crow’s feet appear, before imposing on the duration. In one gesture, facial yoga helps to avoid the installation of these unsightly marks.

To smooth the crow’s feet:
– Place the hands open palms at the temples, the knuckles of thumbs set in the extension of the jaw. Hold the skin of the face firmly to the back.
– Look to close your eyes.
– Repeat the exercise 10 times.
– Finish the gesture by tapping on the area of ​​the crow’s feet to thin the tissues.

To end in beauty: a relaxation exercise eyeballs
– Close both eyelids simultaneously, being careful not to solicit the muscles of the eye, leaving the cheekbones at rest.
– If the exercise is too simple, you can also alternate the movement: close one eye after the other and repeat the exercise 10 times.

The interest
The muscles of the eyelids solicit the skin of the outer corner of the eye, but under the pressure of the hands, the eyes have more trouble to close. This results in a tension that contributes to muscle strengthening of the eyelids. Another consequence: the microcirculation is activated at the crow’s feet, once the pressure is released.

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The extra thing: to impose the right measure
Like any other part of our body, the face does not tolerate excessive muscle building. “When you stop working your muscles after too intensive a practice, everything collapses!” It is therefore necessary to work the yoga of the face in the softness and the duration. Moreover, the face is an osteopathic zone. what we do in the face can have an impact on the rest of our metabolism, “explains Alain Pénichot. The ideal frequency: five minutes a day from 27-28 years old.

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