The power of attention 100 lessons on mindfulness

The power of attention.  Lessons on Mindfulness

Without any doubt, the power of attention, the practice of mindfulness is, today, one of the most powerful tools for change to the new era that is coming and Jon Kabat-Zinn one of the great masters of that always learn.


“The power of attention. 100 lessons on mindfulness “Jon Kabat-Zinn


Here and now. Yes always. It is from this present moment where you can change without resignation accepting what IS. From Plenacción try to tell you everything that can be beneficial to your personal and professional development, always from the point of view you have to keep in mind that you are not independent , but who live in an interesting time in the history of mankind and belong a whole unit and, therefore, you are not independent, but interdependes everything around you.

And above all, about the immense power of attention, you can zoom in or deepen the practice of mindfulness with this brief but intense book that I recommend today.


As in the case of books of Christophe André “Meditate every day” and “The Art of Happiness” or Daniel Goleman with “Introduction to Mindfulness”, the Kairos publishing surprises us this time with “The power of attention” 100 lessons on mindfulness.

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Christophe André

Mindfulness books to read and have


This is a book with a special format is because their actions are like those of a CD, so you can take it anywhere to serve you as the power of attention that gives you little daily reflections.

The book is “built” from interesting reflections are excerpts from one of the two major books about the power of attention and practice of mindfulness have written that it is “live fully the crisis.” The other great book is undoubtedly the practice of mindfulness.

100 lessons on mindfulness well edited on funds semitransparent images and suggestive photographs.

the power of attention

the power of attention the new book by Jon Kabat-Zinn


You’ve read what you’ve read about the power of attention and practice of mindfulness, as Hor Tuck Loon points out in the preface, the understanding of the teachings at different times of life can be different.

“Although the words were the same as a decade ago, my understanding is now very different: there is a sense of clarity and deeper purpose. Whatever the level at which we find ourselves, Jon articulated style allows each person identifies with seeing you at your own personal level. “

The power of mindfulness is becoming more powerful day and because, after all , whichever way you look, “Mindfulness is a long journey on a road that leads only to the discovery of oneself.”

And from that discovery itself, where we position ourselves with high-mindedness to learn a new way to be, be, have and do not only serve us for our own personal and professional development, but also to be, BE, have and do to benefit all living beings.

The power of attention, mindfulness with 100 lessons which have to reflect from the here and now.

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