Mindfulness and compassion to live from the heart here and now

Mindfulness and compassion heart to live here and now.

Mindfulness and compassion to liberate ourselves from the personal devaluation is the way to meet you. How do you get on with your inner critic ?. Surely this book is your way of liberation. The adventure begins.


“Live open hearted” Steve Flowers and Bob Stahl Editorial Kairos.


Speaking of mindfulness and compassion throughout the book that I present today, let me also link to an article I wrote some time ago in the Blog. It is “Compassion as a way to peace and welfare”.

A good introduction to immerse yourself in this book by Steve Flowers and Bob Sthal, in which through the concepts of mindfulness and compassion, and this time focused on an approach to your own person, find a good theoretical and practical way to transcend all those painful and limiting beliefs we have in our vital backpack.

I highly recommend this good manual I recommend meeting with your true self, and cleared of impurities and anxieties.

Through mindfulness and compassion can do a good job for not getting lost in this senseless is the continuous internal discussion with your inner critic.

Western psychotherapy based on Buddhist principles and, as the authors, this becomes a real book for inner healing.

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It is a book to work. So “live open heart” like mindfulness and compassion to liberate ourselves from the personal devaluation, offers you the chance of good practice with which “you will learn to use meditation mindfulness and inquiry upon himself to deepen their inside”.

The fiction of “I” Choose how to look at things, create a practice of mindfulness, look behind the curtain of ‘me’, open to self-pity, open to benevolence, become real and awaken wisdom and compassion are 8 parts in which this work is divided proponenSteve you Flowers and Bob Sthal.

Mindfulness and compassion for release . Accept yourself as you are to invest in your own personal development.

It is the key to the world we inhabit. Getting to silence the critical side holding you so you can be, be, do and have all the freedom as a human being you deserve.

Open heart, mindfulness and compassion for change.

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