Simple life, life mindfulness. Serenity here and now.

Simple Living, life mindfulness.  Serenity here and now

When we talk about simple life, it is to Plenacción an honor to have the collaboration of a good friend and excellent professional mindfulness or mindfulness.

Plenacción such as consulting for personal and professional development based on mindfulness or mindfulness, is also a space for the disclosure of such simple life that speaks Luis Miguel Colado, who can discover in your web




We’d all like sometimes make life easier. Problems wear us, they scare us. Attachments hurt us, they hold us back. Future dreams we create anxiety, we are concerned if you really think fulfilled …

And that is, in most people, the flow of life. Between the desire for pleasant and unpleasant rejection.

And we move like a pendulum from one side to the other. The consequence? living in a continuous emotional roller coaster. And finally we resign ourselves and think that life is so …

Now, what the practice of Mindfulness proposes, based on Buddhist psychology from which it comes, it is another way to live it.

It is, among other things, practice intelligent detachment and acceptance of reality, without representing a passive resignation. In our life project is lawful and healthy set goals and targets.

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The problem comes when those plans do not go as planned. When a ship sails to a new destination, set the course and prepare for the journey.

What is not in the hands of the captain of that ship is the state of the sea, storms may occur, etc.

What is proposed lifestyle Mindfulness is to be able to weather the storms, and to repair the damage that may be caused, to continue sailing.

Life just happens in the present moment in time as nothing remains, everything changes, it is useless to stay stuck in the past, either by a painful event or a good time.

It’s just our mind through memory that deceives us, taking us with imagination to a time that no longer exists, nor ever will again.

Therein lies the ability to practice intelligent detachment. This is not live without interest, it is only releasing it is impossible to retain or change, because it belonged to another present moment already lived.

And that the concept for my simple life, a life lived from the heart, so detached from mind based on concepts, reasons for everything. The only reason to live is what you feel from the heart.

Look back and remember every time you left off by fears, you made decisions driven by the supposed reason for the mind, fleeing the supposed danger and seeks security … false security because fears can never bring the fruit happiness or fullness.

That only comes from the heart, what you feel from a place that knows no fear, because only flows to the present moment, the only one in which real life happens. Fear of the future proceeds from a rational mind that imagines dangers, seeking survival at all costs and is projected to avoid anything that might seem to give a false step, a leap …

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But the reality is that nothing is certain in the future. It is the egoic mind that creates this illusion, and limiting most of the time for the meeting of true happiness.

For this reason when through the practice of mindfulness you understand the concept of eternal present, you can relativize the problems to solve, painful memories or nostalgia, and thus see that the simple life is what happens at this moment . And for that, it takes little more than self-awareness to realize, to observe and look at every detail new transitional time.

If you feel your life is difficult, complicated, stressful, full of tension maybe you should approach to mindfulness, meditation and other techniques of mindfulness, to discover this simple life of which I speak.

This does not mean that no problems arise, the occurrence of accidents or cause pain you to let go of things or people, but managing those emotions with a trained do not identify with these temporary events mind.

With a mind that knows that beneath the waves, the ocean remains stable and peaceful, undeterred by the changing events in a universe in constant motion.

I hope to see you soon in this sea of ​​simplicity and fullness.

Thank you.

Luis Miguel Colado,

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