Self-knowledge Sapiential philosophy for change and transformation.

sapiencial philosophy.  Self for change and transformation.

Sapiencial philosophy for self and transformation. The Art of Being”


Sapiencial philosophy to understand and assume thatWe are all called to be artists of our own life.” Monica Cavallé pioneer of advice sapiencial philosophy in Spain and director of the School of Philosophy Sapiential, begins the book with this strong and good idea.

We live in a living environment that rotates too fast for some time to this part. That’s the general feeling. And in that vital speed we have lost touch with ourselves and therefore ability to reinvent ourselves, by practicing self – knowledge and make use of it and other tools to enable our own transformation.

In the book it presents Monica shows us all the possibilities we have to exercise that space transformation and the great capacity we have to enlighten our everyday life here and now framed in philosophy sapiencial

In this process of self-knowledge, one of the most important things to carry it out is inner peace and this work is very much about the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness as a tool for letting us condemned as a poor relationship with our own thoughts and stop dragging us at the mercy of our emotions and impulses.

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Power can. Another thing is our attitude. And that the author teaches us much along the pages that make up this great project a reality that is “The Art of Being” and the discovery of philosophy sapiencial

The whole statement of intent about what you can find in this book, I think it is contained in one of the ideas that Monica expressed in the introduction and is to leave the confinement which is our mind and our little lives, it is one the objectives of wisdom philosophy.

sapiencial philosophy as art of being and practical wisdom for our self-knowledge and transformation.

As the title of one of the paragraphs which we find towards the end of the book “the sphere of change is knowledge” and is the profound change that offers us from the autonocimiento which drives us to transformation for our personal development and benefit not only of ourselves as human beings, but our fellow men.

A bit more on the need to create, together, together, a better setting for this great theater of the world where we are. Excellent book.



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