Yoga for children. the pleasure of playing to be happy here and now

Yoga for children.  The pleasure of playing happy

Sitting on a chicken” The 52 best games to teach children yoga Michael Chissick Editorial Kairos


If we talk about yoga for kids, this is going to turn into a book-hand imperative to make the younger they learn to develop their skills of self – control, relaxation and conflict resolution, in the most pleasant way possible.

Michael Chissick, with excellent illustrations by Sarah Peacock, has created a book very well edited by Kairos in yoga for children becomes a good battery of games like “stealthy Trees”, “great Equilibristas” or the game that gives title tobook, “sitting on a chicken.”

Yoga for kids to work with this manual not only they will be able to teachers of yoga, but also parents.

The book is aimed at children aged 3 to 11 years, but also why not ?, older can play this great yoga for children.

Translated by Elsa Gómez, the texts of Michael Chissick and great artwork by Sarah Peacok, 52 games are available to teach yoga to children.

The book is a perfect handbook divided into three parts that are going to serve to organize yoga class for children.

In the Introduction you will learn how to structure and organize class visual program and clarify goals, objectives and results. Then you can discover the ideas and goals divided by games and a third list of easy ways to choose games.

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Yoga for children through “sitting on a chicken” so you have the 52 best games to teach yoga to children.

A good kit of activities that “opens up the world of yoga to children around the world, whatever their traits, moods, origin, culture and needs.”



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