Mindfulness and conscious leadership. A practical guide for the new time.

Mindfulness and conscious leadership.  A practical guide to the new time.

With Mindfulness and conscious leadership you are getting a great guide to work and lead with excellence in this time of change.


Mindfulness in leadership”. How to create your interior space to lead with excellence.


In these times of profound change in which we walk on foot, it is important to consider everything that has to do with mindfulness and conscious leadership.

Editorial Kairos has published this book by Janice Marturano I recommend and you can join “The power of our presence” Miriam Subirana to provide an excellent material practice of mindfulness or mindfulness in your daily life and that willreflected in your ability to lead and lead-te.



It is about learning to intergrar conscious leadership in spaces that normally inhabit and to help you improve as a person and put your bit in this revolution which we live.

And, as Janice says at the beginning of the book, when we talk about mindfulness and conscious leadership, must know that “Leadership requires passion, an extraordinary set of skills and a solid education. Which brings us to take a leadership role, generally speaking, it is intended to make things better. “

We are used to messianic leaders, egocentric, unconscious and model “me or chaos”, but throughout this book, you’re going to learn that your leadership in your own life or spaces in which you develop your work , they are based on a new paradigm.

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So mindfulness and conscious leadership are based on four qualities that you have to work and do it aprendrás along reading the book.

Four qualities that will lead you to excellence in leadership. Approach, compassion, clarity and creativity.

The practice of mindfulness will be essential in this track that I recommend.

Let me advice. After reading “Mindfulness in leadership” also read “The power of our presence.” Have two great works that show you as I always say, it is extraordinary in the everyday.



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