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How to awaken and raise Kundalini?

“When Kundalini passes chakra for chakra, the yogi acquires the divine knowledge, power, bliss, bloom in all its splendor and reveals the divine mysteries and phenomena hidden from laymen who even refuse to acknowledge their existence.”
Swami Sivananda

Certainly, many people got acquainted with yoga, and knew that the cornerstone of the practice is a kind of mysterious “lifting” or “awakening” of the Kundalini, wondered: “How’s it, the Kundalini, to raise?”.
The question, of course, is not idle, and the very fact that the practitioner is given to them – great: think you’re on the right track. Because many, like “doing” yoga, do not give yourself care to meet this challenge. Moreover, it is believed, is actively supported by a number of directions of yoga – and I have met (in the Western press) even persistent articles from this vantage point – that, say, it is not necessary to awaken the Kundalini and to raise: to live in peace without it. But then completely lost the goal of yoga! Without awakening the Kundalini spiritual perfection it enters a phase of stagnation, no matter what the practice does not make the man. On the other hand, there are people who are trying to do – and sometimes teach others – with the help of special substances or techniques forcibly “awaken” Kundalini, regardless of the possible consequences for the body and the psyche. Obviously, the truth is – and stemming from her practical advice – is somewhere in the middle between these two extremes. One of the main secrets of yoga is that it is working properly in line with the Hatha Yoga mysterious force Kundalini awakening itself.

We begin our substantive discussion of Kundalini with that briefly summarize what we know about this “serpent power”.
In this case, on the one hand to clean up after the historical actuality of mystical moirĂ© half-encrypted and strongly religious ancient texts, where Kundalini is presented in the form of one of the manifestations of God (namely, the goddess Parvati, consort of Lord Shiva *) – and on the other hand, refused to attribute the phenomenon of Kundalini purely hormonal action of some little-known wide audience gland in the brain and leave it at that for ever.

The experience of Kundalini rise

Yoga and Tantrikas since ancient times noticed – thanks to their intense practice – that there is a hidden force in the human body, or “reserve” that can awaken.
When this happens, a person experiences are usually very strong and usually highly uncomfortable experience, comparable only with the birth, or birth-death – a divine revelation. However, many mystics have experienced this phenomenon on himself, argued that feels as if an angry, hissing (and sometimes red-hot) snake with indomitable strength, twisting and unwinding of the coiled position *, rose up from the base of the spine to the crown. The process is accompanied by an inexplicable feeling of “bliss”, often visions and insights on the level of intuition, and then dies, after which the person (vividly remember everything that happened) back in a more or less normal state of consciousness. Often there is also a side effect of heat throughout the body, with human hail pouring sweat, the face is crimson-red, etc. Often experience this feeling then in another look at the events of the external world and ourselves: the experience of space, the beyond makes clear the true scale of the mundane events of life seemed before so great. It is worth emphasizing that the rise of the Kundalini does not necessarily lead to enlightenment, because This is not the same (contrary to popular misconception), but this is the first significant step on the way. For final Illumination Kundalini must rise along the spine to Sahastrara cakra ( “corona” energetic center located on the top), and usually this is not the first time. The man, who has awakened Kundalini, but rose only one of the 7 stages, gets some positive qualities, but is not fully implemented. For example, waking up in the Mula gives extra energy, the chakra – control over the sexual energy in Manipur – the ability to influence people and to further “accelerate” the spiritual and energy development …

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That awakens the kundalini?

Practitioners who achieved a rise in practitioners of ancient and modern, can be very different from the systematic, regular practice of Hatha yoga before taking drugs.
There are also cases of “unintended” Kundalini awakening as a result of extreme physical exertion or extreme emotional stress (loss of all property, the loss of family, war, etc.). Kundalini awakening without a proper “training”, or if it was boosted by a revival of extreme practices or taking particular drugs – quickly returns to its original state at the base of the spine (ie the fair to talk about the rise and descent of Kundalini). Randomly and by receiving the drug did not shine forth.

descent of the Kundalini

If the rise of the Kundalini is accompanied by an emotional lift (on the back of strong emotional stress), the shutter (return to its original state when the Kundalini again “asleep” in the lower chakra) – depression, depression, emptiness, because
man feels his “unmerited” evolutionary leap “canceled.” It feels like a very painful “seal” and coarsening of sensations, as if the person was transferred from three-dimensional to two-dimensional space; nemila life at this moment. If the Kundalini could not pierce the Manipur chakra (energy center of the navel) – the descent is inevitable if passed – it seems to be fixed there, and the further awakening is not far off – the spiritual evolution did not give reverse. Therefore, for example, Buddhists tend to be considered a true spiritual awakening of the Kundalini is passing through Manipur, rather than its revival in Mula (which, as we have seen, by and large does not guarantee anything). In addition, by using special techniques of yoga may Kundalini awakening from Manipur, it is much easier and less painful, than Muladhara, and without the risk of descent.

On his way up to the Sahasrara Kundalini must pierce three granthis – “node”:
Brahma -granthu *** in Mula, Vishnu -granthu in Anahata, and Rudra Granth in Ajna. These points correspond to the attachment to the material (Brahma Granth), attachment to people (Vishnu Granth) and property intellectualize practice and use Siddhi (Rudra Granth). Patency of the three nodal points provides practice mudras and pranayama, especially Bhastrika.

Clean – the guarantee … raising Kundalini

For the awakening of the Kundalini is required in a broad sense “pure” body: because our body is the vessel or the conductor of the Kundalini energy.
Actually, the whole system of Hatha yoga and created in order to create conditions for 1) adequate “reception” of the Kundalini energy in the body, and 2) purification of thin channels, which should go up this energy. A curious fact is that when these two conditions are met, the Kundalini rises … herself “automatically” – so wisely arranged nature. That is, no matter how curious it may sound, Kundalini general should neither awaken nor raise or somewhere “pull”. However, this does not change the essence of the matter: but it is necessary to purify and strengthen the delicate structures of the body, and then balance the work of fine channels of the body (Ida and Pingala) and awaken Sushumna – central channel through which the Kundalini will rise. This can be compared with the water supply system in the house: there is a house, it rusty pipes and valves time to change. If water immediately put – will flow pipe, valves posryvaet; However, if the pipe Clean or renew, to change where necessary valves and faucets – ie and then to let a powerful stream – – it will work as it is necessary to establish in advance the entire system.

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“In a healthy body – healthy mind …” said the ancient Romans, and continued “… extremely rare”, pointing out that it is not always accompanied by one another.
So beautiful in appearance can a person be “ugly” spiritually and morally flawed. Therefore, it is worth considering that the external force and mobility, and even success in practice of asanas is not always accompanied by the purity of the internal structures required to raise the kundalini; otherwise bodybuilders, astronauts and circus artists have observed the effect of raising the Kundalini, and it does not happen. It needs not only the strength and body of the fortress, but also work on internal, unseen structures:
Nadis , Chakras, Granth. Requires successful practice, not only in but hatha and raja yoga, ie and work with the body, and with the energy and the consciousness.

Weekdays Kundalini awakening

In the language of Western man, awakening the Kundalini practice is preceded by a coherent system of psycho-physiological improvement, which in the East is called short –
yoga . Do not think that you can prepare the rise of Kundalini some asanas, no matter how intricate or heavy they are – or, conversely, a meditation. Hatha Yoga is practiced for Raja Yoga, Raja Yoga has always gone hand in hand with Hatha; failure to comply with Yama and Niyama destroys the whole harmonious training energy outflow system and so on. Integrated system that leads to success, includes a wide range of cleaning procedures for body and spirit, the enema to the finest psycho. Only a person who has made yoga a way of life, is able to enjoy the effects of Kundalini awakening.

Chakras – mental and energy components – are located in the small (pranic) the human body, with them relate to key points on the spine.
Chakras themselves, roughly speaking, immaterial, but work with them – their “purification” and “on”, activation – starts through the body. Asanas – yoga poses – are valuable not only its physiological effects (on the muscles and internal organs), but only to those that work with the chakras and nadis (energy channels of circulation). Of the 84 most important asanas 35 make it pretty intense: for example,
Chakrasana activates Manipur, Sarvangasana – Vishuddhi, Sirshasana – Sahasrara, etc. Paschimottanasana is one of the most important asanas, as can awaken the Kundalini ( “pulling” the spine, and with him working on a center channel). The rest of asanas too clean chakra and nadi; a similar effect is all the asanas for what they need.

Important work on preparing awakening and further passing through the body of the Kundalini energy is in pranayama.
If asanas for the most part affect the chakras, then pranayama purposefully clean
nadi – subtle “rivers,” or canals, which is distributed in the body of Kundalini. Pranayama also regulate the work of Ida and Pingala – lunar and solar channels associated with the left and right nostrils. Balance Ida and Pingala – air flow through both nostrils – automatically “includes” Sushumna, making possible its revival in the future, under the right conditions. The work of breathing is engaged in yoga branch entire sideline – Swara Yoga, knowledge of which is important in the framework of Kundalini Sadhana (awakening and recovery process Kunadalini).

Mudras and bandhas produce further, more subtle, cleansing, and more intense – due to the “blocking” of concentrated prana and its redirection in different orbits, and also create and perpetuate new psihotsepi creating altered states of consciousness that prepares the mind of man to survive in the Kundalini raising.
Asanas like to strengthen the shores of the river of prana, and wise, and set bandha dam in the right places.

Without asanas, pranayama, mudras and bandhas is impossible to raise the Kundalini, they actually lead to its timely awakening.
However, meditation plays an equally important role – she is preparing thin layers of personality to take the state of enlightenment, it is in the thin areas will be “fixed” the rise of Kundalini. Having mastered the state of Pratyahara (trip of the senses) and out of the body (Unmani-
avastha and short-term Samadhi ), people already in some degree prepared for the adventure of a lifetime, which yavletsya rise of Kundalini. For a man is unprepared rise Kundalini is highly frightening, maddening occurrence.

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As a result, Kundalini Sadhana, competent and regular practice of the required set of Yogi creates balance, harmony between different processes on the pranic and mental levels.
When this balance (Ha-Tha) is reached, the body goes to a new energy level: there is a situation of excess energy, the enthusiasm, the body can spontaneously perform the asanas, mudras and bandhas, or just dance in a trance. Shortly thereafter wakes channel
Sushumna (Sushumna Nadi), which leads to a retraction in his Kundalini – she quickly awakens …

If Kundalini-
sadhana takes place under the supervision of Guru – yoga, awaken your kundalini, it can really help – advice, personal power, and special mantras (sound vibrations and mental). Although ultimately, raising Kundalini – especially individual case, with a few exceptions nobody nobody “hand” to raise the Kundalini does not help, and the key to success – all the same all-round perfect cleanliness of the sadhaka (practitioner). However, such exceptions do happen; Svatmarama in “Hatha Yoga Pradipika” direct text says (Chapter 3, sloka 2): “Verily, when the grace of the Guru, this sleeping Kundalini is awakened, then open all the lotuses (chakras) and units (granthis).” Kundalini awakening in this way – the inheritance of the lucky few. In India, there are still Masters who can awaken Kundalini who are ready for this people.

Thus, it should be emphasized that the importance of Hatha yoga is not so much in the physical body recovery, namely, that it purifies, strengthens and awakens important energy and mental centers (chakras and nadi), helping it to further the spiritual evolution, which, without Kundalini recovery is stagnating, deep sleep.

Prospects for studying Kundalini

Contrary to the wishes of the idealists, Kundalini raising process is unlikely to become, even in the XXI century with its natural and political “tips” to humanity as a mass phenomenon, and even less – the basis of a “perfect society of the future.”
Because, firstly, it requires careful preparing the body, and secondly, is associated with greater restrictions on the lifestyle to start the process of awakening – in fact, do not force everyone to become a yogi, promising some unknown science award of dubious value “for the national economy “! For the average person, Enlightenment – it is death, death of the ego with its hooks and snaps. So, it is obvious that the rise of Kundalini, as it has been throughout the millennia history of Yoga, with pieces that have found their way to the spiritual, moral and physical purity and power.

We have to admit that the study of Kundalini phenomenon in the West is still “in its infancy”, whether in the field of official science or Western yoga.
Almost no examples of the awakening of Kundalini among Western practitioners. At the same time, in the East – especially in India – still remained master of yoga, which is almost mastered the whole complicated process, and even – of his compassion – are taken to help others, including “vnekastovym” – ie, we, the people of the West. Low bow to them.


* Therefore, it is often called not only “the coiled power” – Kundalini, but also “the power of the Serpent” – Bhudzhangini (Bhudzhanga -. Sk “snake”).

** Other manifestation of the divine feminine: Durga,
Kali , Saraswati and so on. – is also considered a manifestation of the Kundalini energy.

*** ”
So the goddess, sleeping at the door of Brahma, must be constantly awake careful execution wise, committed with due force .” Svatmarama, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, 3: 5

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