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Market research services yoga studios in St. Petersburg

Market research services yoga studios in St. Petersburg 3

If you are the owner of a yoga
studio, or want to invest in opening a new yoga studio in St. Petersburg, then this study will be very useful for you.

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Research Author: Marketing the Projects

Objective: To assess the status and trends of the market of services of St. Petersburg Yoga studio

Research objectives:

  • Describe the main trends in the market of sports and recreational services;

  • Assess the demand and supply sides yoga studios;

  • To characterize trends in the development of yoga services market;

  • To conduct a survey of consumers yoga studios;

  • Identify the causes of which are fundamental when choosing a yoga studio;

  • Determine the reasons why visitors are willing to change the yoga studio;

  • Conduct analysis on yoga prices in St. Petersburg (one-time, monthly, semi-annual and annual subscriptions) in the whole city and in districts;

  • To formulate recommendations for the formation of long-term relationships with customers yoga studio.

Area studies , St. Petersburg

Methods of data analysis. When analyzing the market monitored sites yoga studios, news sites that publish materials on yoga, yoga survey of 100 service users, etc.

The amount and structure of the report. The analytical report on research consists of 8 chapters and 2 applications, totaling 42 pages; report is illustrated with 21 figures and 2 tables.

Excerpts from the report:

“Although expressed in the last decade, a significant increase in supply in the market of sports services, the Russian market of such services is still in its infancy (growth).
In general, the increase in supply is characteristic for the regional markets of Moscow and St. Petersburg. “

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“Since the beginning of the 2000s, yoga segment starts to develop rapidly: opening new yoga studio, there are yoga classes in fitness centers.
But despite this, yoga studios Petersburg service market is far from saturation. In particular, not enough yoga studios in the outskirts of the city. “

“May indicate that the market is oversaturated On the one hand, partial load centers of yoga.
However, such a proposition is not true for this market. For the market of yoga is more suitable thesis proposal creates demand. The emergence of new yoga studios and the active promotion of a healthy lifestyle will help to increase the demand for this type of practice. The demand for yoga will be shifted to the side … “

Price research: 13800 rbl.

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List of tables and figures.

Description of studies

1. Description of the market of sports and recreational services

2. Basic services market trends yoga studios

3. Analysis of the demand for yoga services in St. Petersburg

4. Analysis of yoga services offers in St. Petersburg

5. Price analysis yoga studios Petersburg

6. Segments yoga studios of St. Petersburg

7. Analysis consumers yoga studios

8. Recommendations for the formation of long-term relationships with customers yoga studios

Appendix 1. List of yoga studios Petersburg areas

Appendix 2. The number of yoga studios, which is practiced every style of yoga

Information sources 

List of tables and figures:


Table 1. Network yoga studio with the number of clubs

Table 2. The most common styles of yoga practiced in yoga studios of St. Petersburg, 2012

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1. Seasonal loading yoga studios,%

2. Split of the network and individual yoga studios, 2012,%

3. The number of yoga studios Petersburg areas, 2012, pcs.

4. Share distribution offers yoga studios areas in terms of quantity, in 2012,%

5. The number of residents of the district on 1 yoga studio located in the area

6. The number of yoga centers near various metro stations of St. Petersburg, 2012, pcs.

7. Share distribution offer yoga studios yoga style, in 2012,%

8. The average cost of one-time yoga on the Petersburg District, 2012, rubles

9. Deviation on a one-time exercise price yoga on areas of St. Petersburg on the average price of a one-time activity of the city, in 2012, rubles

10. The average cost of season tickets for 8 yoga classes at St. Petersburg areas, 2012, rubles

11. The average cost of subscriptions for half a year (about 50 yoga) on the Petersburg District, 2012, rubles

12. Share distribution of respondents by styles of yoga they practice, in 2012,%

13. Share distribution of respondents by number of visits of yoga classes per week, in 2012,%

14. Share distribution of respondents by the number of years they have dedicated practice of Yoga, 2012,%

15. Share distribution of respondents by age group, 2012,%

16. The reasons that encourage people to practice yoga in share ratio 2012,%

17. The criteria are important when choosing a yoga studio in share ratio 2012,%

18. Satisfaction of respondents yoga studios in which they are engaged, in 2012,%


19. The reasons for which the visitors are willing to change the yoga studio in share ratio 2012,%

20. Options that are missing some yoga studios that their customers were completely satisfied in share ratio,%

21. Additional services that are in demand by visitors yoga studios in share ratio 2012,%


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