Simple life. Paths for serenity and calm

Simple life.  Paths for serenity and calm

simple life is that sense of life that we all seek, but resists, be emboldened if we washed ashore wish to flood everything.


It is always a good time to start on the path of travel through the simple life, because, often, it is simpler than it seems.


Encapsulated in an inhabited way life “autopilot” and in a time when everything seems to go too fast, the encounter with a mode of simple life, I know it’s not easy, but perfectly possible with some rewarding endeavor.

It is paying attention to everything you do at all times. Mindfulness, finally, after all , is exactly that: Observing life extending in the present moment in a natural way, without trial but without resignation.

When you start the way of the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness, you realize that many of the things you own, are not you. I say this because normally, we tend to identify with our own ego toto the material we have around us.

If you can (and I assure you it is possible) go paying attention to the time at which you dwell, eventually you will go efficiently reducing much of the material around you. Especially working on disidentification of the material with the staff.

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The transition to a simple life is determined by a new relationship with the material. Is okay to have who says otherwise ?. The good thing is to realize what you have, why you have it , if you really need and if losing it , you remain the same or the same. That’s where lies the key to a simple life.

The practice of mindfulness or mindfulness, is a powerful tool that will serve to put your life that sense of care that you need.

We live in a world of plenty , but we do not realize. We think that only through the glitz and accumulation, we develop as people, when precisely in the way of the simple life is true freedom.

It is more a sense that action, because from that feeling that you are a living being completely worthy although you can not have what you want, the greatest sense of freedom that human beings can have it develops.

The simple life determines your degree of freedom in a world too concerned about having rather than being and being.

Having a simple life, has nothing to do with the concept of poverty, but rather with the dignity and value yourself as a living being that lives here and now, to think that only if you ARE.

I propose a simple life as a game , when you’re at home, you to walk through all the rooms and corners and be aware of what there is in them.

In the “home” meditative walk, look slowly around you and think would happen to you if tomorrow you did not have what there you see and think, without losing anything, few things, actually, you can spare and are a real weight in the here and now.

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simple life through the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness, is also to be aware that life does not depend on what you have but what you feel and do in the here and now.

As in the verse of Machado, “light baggage” and especially mental, which is where it really lies your freedom.

Here are two good books that can help you along the way.

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