Daily exercise to Conquer Happiness

Daily exercise to Conquer Happiness 3Today we will speak of statements, assertions are incredibly important when you have a clear mind and have an inner balance, peace and harmony. What you think continuously encloses a highly unlimited power to work miracles gradual for you, you choose whether the miracle will be for your good or bad , it all depends on what you repeat to you and you tell yourself every day. If you take it seriously, the following is a vehicle to engage in a more productive and synergistic relationship with your unconscious mind.

Is the invisible and powerful entity that turns out to be the driving force behind all behavior and action engine. Whether productive, motivating and energetic or limiting, weak and fearful. This way of thinking has influenced positively on the big winners of all time, it is a universal truth that few believe , hence it is vastly inferior and selective number of people who achieve notable success as opposed to the huge mass of people who never goes to complain and living immersed in mediocrity and resignation when in fact they could conquer the world.

Let’s move then to exercise, pay close attention and daily repeats these phrases and become your own unique phrases for you and keeping your goals:

  • I rise today with renewed health and full strength.
  • Today I feel in every way, better and better and I thank you for giving me life another chance.
  • Today I love and accept myself exactly as I am, now I realize that what makes me different also makes me unique and special. Therefore I will strengthen my differences rather than hide and will become my greatest asset.
  • Today I’ll go out and conquer the world.
  • Today I will make this day a truly special experience, because I and I alone, have the power to choose how I want my day , I am the only architect of my life and decide here and now to have an enriching life in every way. And as I have the power to choose, I choose to have a happy day, I start building from this moment.
  • I can accomplish anything I set my mind and I’ll get today.
  • Today I lieth with the feeling of having given the best of me.
  • Today I live a day full of passion and purpose.
  • No matter where in the state in which you have raised me, because I am aware that I am not the state in which I find myself. That’s why I decided to have a thriving, happy day, and meaningful.
  • Today will be a day that add value to my life.
  • I do not allow anything or anyone to make this day a day wasted.
  • Today I am awake, alive, full of energy and love.
  • Give a smile and a sincere greeting to all who pass by me, and so will activate plus one day the principle of reciprocity: What I give is what I get.
  • Today promise to focus only on the good things of life, on the positive side of things. If I make mistakes, I learn from them instead of lamenting, because I am aware that solves absolutely nothing to complain.
  • I am now at peace with the world, with my family, and all those around me. But above all, I will be at peace with myself, because I’ll do my best.
  • Today I do the best I can with the resources I have, and decide to do it because it is sublimely than estarme complaining about anything.
  • Today I come ready to conquer my goals, because if I miss this day I will have lost.
  • Enjoy every moment as if it were the last, because this day will never dawn ever.
  • Today I declare myself totally free to be myself above all adversities, today I understand with my heart and with all my being that there is no one who has power over me , I am the only person responsible for my life experience. And no one can hurt me if I do not give my consent, because one thing is what happens to me, and quite another is the interpretation that I make of what happens to me, if I allow that happening me me affects or does not affect me .
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A big hug, and I hope ye remember this exercise every day,

Elias Berntsson

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