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Yoga: Do you have a daily ashtanga practice?

Yoga: Do you have a daily ashtanga practice? 1

 Why do Ashtanga Yoga?

 Ashtanga Yoga develops flexibility, physical strength and ability to concentrate attention.

Most people perceive ashtanga yoga as an intense, dynamic practice. Yes, it is, but the development of strength and flexibility is not all that ashtang is capable of. According to Sri K Pattabhi Joyce, the founder of this direction, ashtanga yoga is the way to know your true nature, to the Spirit that is in each of us.
Why else do you practice this practice? About this and not only, we were told by Oksana Petrova , the teacher of our studio “Yoga & Practice”



– In ashtanga yoga, along with asanas and pranayama, psychophysical techniques are used: vinyasas – movements synchronized with breathing, bandhi-energy locks and drishti – concentration of the view on certain areas of the body or space. These three methods, called tristhan, help focus attention inward, not allowing distractions to external objects. They contribute to a deep immersion in practice and transition to a meditative state.
This practice is taught in the so-called Mysore class style. And the advantage of this class is that each student at a convenient pace, independently of others, fulfills their part of the sequence of asanas, and the teacher helps, sometimes recommends something and, if necessary, recalls the order of asanas and vinyasas.

 But the practice will be successful and will be useful if you regularly carry out your complex of asanas. At least three times a week, with equal intervals between classes and rest. And later, in 2-4 months, carefully monitoring the current state and their feelings, it is desirable to bring the number of classes to 6 times a week.
In ashtanga yoga, the consistency in practice and consistency in its development is very important. Ashtanga contains 6 series, each of which is a fixed sequence. The development of this practice begins with the first series (includes about 60 asanas). The student is encouraged to master each series step by step. First, several asanas from the first series are given, and only after the conscious and qualitative execution of these first asanas are given the following from the first series. And only when the first series is mastered, the student is allowed to master, as well as sequentially, the asanas from the second series. In addition, the addition of asanas is the exclusive prerogative of the teache

Is this trend suitable for beginners and those who are far from yoga?

– Ashtanga yoga in the style of Mysore is suitable for all who show genuine interest to it, regardless of natural flexibility and physical preparation. Practicing at your pace and at your level, without forgetting to watch the breath, the body and mind every day, you will step by step achieve your goal. Mysore class teaches you not to succumb to the temptation to compare yourself with others, and appreciate your own small victories. As I said, Ashtanga-yoga consists of 6 series. And the first of them can master any person. It is believed that the second series is already the level of the teacher, and all the other series can be considered as a show (show off).

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How does ashtanga yoga affect the body and the psychological state of a person?

– First of all, the practice of ashtanga-yoga develops flexibility, physical strength, and the ability to concentrate attention.
Prana, obtained with specific breathing with sound (ujaya), fills the body with energy. And thanks to the practice of asanas with breathing of ujaya, oxygen in a larger volume enters the bloodstream and penetrates into tissues faster. Also, breathing during the practice of asanas helps to get rid of unnecessary tension in the muscles and tendons. A specific breath with sound strengthens the respiratory muscles, increases the vital volume of the lungs. This is an excellent prevention and treatment of many respiratory diseases, including bronchial asthma.
The first series of ashtanga yoga is called yoga-chikitsa (cikitsa-therapy). This series includes asanas, which help get rid of diseases or prevent them. Practice helps to get rid of excess fat and chronic pain, and also improves blood circulation, cleanses the internal organs, develops the ability to concentrate and retain attention. A person regains a healthy body, flexibility and strength. And also strengthens and balances the psyche.

Are there any contraindications and limitations for practicing ashtanga yoga?

– For each asana there are contraindications. This is the advantage of Ashtanga yoga and the style of teaching – “Mysore”. The teacher individually adapts these or other asanas of the sequence (if necessary), or excludes certain asanas from the practice of the student, so as not to harm him.

Oksana, how would you advise starting a practice? 

– With practice :). Come to the class, spread out the rug and begin. Everything else will come with time. Yoga is 99% of personal practice and only 1% of theory. You do not know what you need until you spread the rug. Only so, and not otherwise.

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What do you think yoga gives to a person?

“First of all, yoga gives a person a way home … Yoga practice is the path that leads us to realize ourselves and understand” Who we are “. Come to classes, we will go together on this interesting and fascinating way.

Yoga is the path, not the goal. And we completely agree with this. Here, as in any other business, the main thing is to start, without delaying for months and years what you can try today. And we invite you to classes in our yoga and practice studio, where you can get to know Oksana Petrova and ask her all the questions of interest. Change begins today.
See you on the rug!

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