Why can not I learn to meditate?

I can not learn to meditate

I find it hard to learn to meditate” “I think that meditation is not for me” “I do not have time to reflect” “the problems I have, I could never leave my mind blank”  

These phrases and many more are very common today. Many people know that if they learn to meditate, can not only meet the dozens of benefits that meditation, but could also shake off the myriad of problems that leads everyday life.

Thanks to the widely held in recent years meditation every day more people to meditate about (and that is wonderful). But the great mass of people who want to change your life, you want to avoid constant stress, they need to learn to meditate to bring to your mind and your body . A large percentage who uses phrases quoted at the beginning to say I can not learn to meditate!



First of all have to take your head the idea that meditation is something a-ordinary, extraordinary, far from human essence, you have to understand that meditation is the opposite. Meditation is (or should be) something normal for people, a practice most of our routine, a necessary and pleasant rest.

You can learn to meditate, we can all learn to meditate . Maybe we should change the way, but that’s easy to imagine that there are many techniques to learn to meditate and you can be sure that everything works, you just have to find the one that best suits your needs.

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And it never hurts to answer this question: Where I can meditate? Well, of course I tell you, you can meditate anywhere you feel comfortable, quiet place where you know you will not regret it , but it is not necessary to be a place “no noise” no less necessary to have a special clothing. If you want you can see this videíto where some people in our community Silva Method Facebook tell us where they like to think about :