Silva Method 10 things to do at home That will make you happier

Silva Method: 10 things to do at home that will make you happier 3

Silva method to be happier at home

The aim of the Silva Method is to help you create the life you want. Why both our course and our free lessons we offer you everything you need to start the shift to the reality you’ve always wanted.

If you have not yet experienced the benefits of meditation, we invite you to download our free lessons here. More than 6 million people already enjoy the benefits … you be the number more than six million one?????

And now let me ask you … How many times you missed the small joys waiting for the big happiness?

Many people do that every day, never think of today and even unconsciously always postpone happiness.

How many people tell themselves they’ll be happy when they finish school, or college thesis?

How many people leave their happiness in the hands of a trip, or a person who is yet to come?

How many people say they are happy when they have more money, more clothes, a bigger house, a bigger car, a stronger health or a better job?

The vast majority of people make the same mistake: we wait for happiness arrives and, while we lose the small joys that shape the happiness that we seek .

Without further ado, we spend time waiting to be happier without realizing that happiness is neither expected nor seeks … is created from the moment in which you decide to be happy.

And that’s what we propose today from the Silva Method: to be happy .

And for that we want to share you 10 Things to do at home that will make your happiness is not a thing of the past or the future but the present.

Prepare @ ¿?


Silva Method: 10 simple actions that lead you to happiness

Did you know that your home defines your level of happiness?

Basically, your home is an extension of who you are: what you do within those four walls where you live shape your mood affects your productivity and affects your attitude towards life.

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But it does not end there: there are scientific studies showing that adjust certain habits and routines at home that affect our daily lives, it can cause a great impact on our happiness.

Yes, as you read: with just a few minor adjustments you can make happiness a lifestyle, not an uncertain plan for the distant future.

Therefore, and after sharing you the article “3 Keys To be much happier in 2013”, we invite you read (and implement!) These 10 daily actions that we show below.

They are simple but very effective, and most importantly is shown to help you to adopt a more positive attitude and make you happier.

Take a few minutes to read them, implement them and tell us how it went ????


1) Make your bed.

It may seem an obvious task, but who likes to make the bed?

Make no mistake: making the bed is an obligation, and does not motivate.

But you should know something: it is one of the simplest habits you can adopt, and three minutes it takes to make the bed can make a big difference in your life and a great impact on your happiness.


2) Make sure everything is in order.

It is a known fact: clutter causes stress, and order creates a haven for that stress.

This driving routine of humor is simple: take 3 minutes to check each classroom or room in the house are ready before you go (unless you have a baby or a couple who likes to simulate earthquakes, three minutes is enough).


3) Displays sentimental items around the house.

One of the reasons why experiences (and memories) make us happier than material things is through the cycle of enjoyment that these experiences provide us from planning experience, the desire to live and fun time and ending that leaves us the memory.

That makes us happy, so try to make your home a gallery of positive memories to benefit from its cycle.


4) Start a gratitude journal

Just the fact score a happy memory increases your level of happiness (if you have children, you can ask: “What was the best part of today?”).

Reflection is an important part of happiness, and pausing to reflect on a positive fact every day are cultivating gratitude (also over the years have registered all your adventures and that’s a big plus).

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If you have questions about what you can do gratitude for you or how to begin to cultivate the habit, we recommend you read our article “the incredible power of gratitude.”


5) If you can not leave your work, enters them.

There are tasks that we do not like and they will not be alone. And of course they will not be complete unless you do. And since you have to make, is that you like????

For example, the dishes will not be washed alone … so try to see the good side to that task.

And that there is nothing better than “jump” on it, ‘comes’ to wash the dishes.

Feel the hot water as calm your hands. Enjoy the tickle of tiny bubbles.

Play music at high volume if you prefer, you can even make a fist with bubbles soap dishes … Whatever, but intended to enchant you.


6) Before getting up, set an intention for the day.

In “The Art of Happiness,” the Dalai Lama said “Every day, when you wake up, think: today I am lucky to live, I have a beautiful life and I will not waste it.”

Every day when you wake up thinking: “Today I have the good fortune of being alive, I have a beautiful life and will not lose.”

The truth is that settle a daily intention makes a big difference.

Your daily intention might be something like “being productive” or “enjoy delicious moments today,” and may even be more specific as to thank your loved ones today.

But it should not become another “task done” on your list of the day, but goes beyond.


7) Make small favors without expecting anything in return.

Mow the lawn rather than you do your husband, but he does expect that after you a massage.

Or make the bed for your wife, but do not try to get “extra points” for it.

You can even take out the trash if it was up to your roommate.

Anyway, the ability to grow strong and healthy relationships is one of the largest contributors to health and happiness … But when you start to keep score, the benefit is lost.

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No matter that’s not your turn, it is a known fact that when you do good you feel good.


8) Call a friend or family member daily.

You can do that while clean, while making the bed or as you walk the dog. Ah! And text messages and emails do not count.

Makes a phone call to a loved one, only to chat and catch up.

People are social beings, and studies show that even when you do not want us or if we are naturally introverts, socializing with loved ones makes us feel better.


9) Spend money on things that grow experiences at home.

Save for a new DVD for family movie night or a new refrigerator.

Something that will encourage you to have more people and entertain.

For example planning a summer barbecue, invite your closest friends, rest and relax (and do not forget to print photos to remember the good times!).


10) Spend a few minutes each day to find yourself.

Studies show that meditating 15 to 30 minutes helps to improve welfare levels and increases happiness; so booking a few minutes a day to close your eyes and find yourself.

In addition, meditate for a few minutes every day will help you unlock the potential of your mind if you learn how to do, and this is just the goal of Silva Method Life.

So if you have not already, we recommend downloading our free lessons, where among other a lot of information, techniques and exercises you will learn to meditate with the famous Alfa audio centralization.

Free mini-course “You borderless” has everything you need to start to awaken your full potential with the Silva Method. If you want to learn to meditate and take advantage of its many benefits now you can download it HERE.

What did you think these 10 tips? Simple, right?

It is proven that perform those tasks alone with your happiness increases and you feel so much better in your day to day.

We encourage you to put it into practice and tell us your results ????

Do not forget to share with every person who want to see happy! Your opinion and come down here!