Get out of the Routine and find yourself with Yourself

Get out of the Routine and find yourself with yourself 3

Do you feel stuck in a rut? So immersed in it that your mind is not a free space for you? I Cornered by your tasks? Actually this is not healthy. You need time for yourself, time to discover who you are.

There are many different ways to do it. There are simply places or events that will take the state much-needed relaxation your body and your mind.

Our body works like a machine, of course, if all parties are not aligned, something begins to fail. And often they not dreaded diseases that cause us that failure, but quite simply the lack of break from all the stress that we consume every day.

So do not wait, give rest to your body and mind both need these tips:


  • Meditate: Meditation has been used for over 5000 years by an infinite number of people. These people learned that through it could improve your memory, increase your physical and mental health, relieve stress and a long list of other benefits. Meditate gives you the opportunity to mind to expand, opening new paths. So today we recommend that you find yourself meditate for 15 to 20 minutes daily. Just to relax and concentrate on your breathing a world of possibilities opens up at your feet.
  • Walking: This is one of the most pleasurable acts, if we enjoy it . We do not talk about brisk walking to work, or walk looking at your phone. We talked about walking enjoying the scenery, admiring the wonders of nature. A park, a lake, a mountain, the center of a beautiful city … There are an infinite number of places you can go to clear your mind just walking. If you think about it you can walk and meditate at the same time, double relaxation. Think of the wonders of life can make you realize that your problems are not so big and achieve reacquaint yourself.
  • Let your mind wander: during meditation there is a controversial topic distraction. It has been found that non – directional meditation, one in which you let your mind wander, enhances the flow of thoughts. So, to meditate, do not worry if your mind is a little out of your lane, this creates more space to process our emotions, we become more creative and improves our memory of past experiences.
  • Do things that you like: to find oneself is ideal meditation and let your mind. But it is also important to do things you like. There is no more rewarding to do things for you and feeling. Those activities that fill you with joy, energy and enthusiasm are what will help you find yourself, to be free. If you like going to the beach, the movies, a picnic, a mountain, wherever you go and be happy, there you’ll find yourself.
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Remember that these are our tips on how to find yourself, but only you know the real answer. Do not stop looking for her.


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