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What are some yoga asanas or mudras to get glowing skin?

What are some yoga asanas or mudras to get glowing skin? 3

Yoga postures to have a shiny skin

The skin, in addition to the application of creams, masks and tonics, needs other care such as the practice of yoga to beautify the skin .

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What are some yoga asanas or mudras to get glowing skin? 4


Next, in Other Medicine , we will teach you which are the best yoga postures to have the most glistening skin .

Yoga postures to have a shiny skin 2

Breathing exercises

Control your breathing to rejuvenate your body inside and out. Sit on the floor with your legs crossed and close your eyes. Breathe deeply, inhaling the air through both nostrils, count to 10 and exhale. Practice this technique for about 10 minutes and it will help you to relax and avoid stress , which is one of the main causes of your skin looking dull and dingy.

Yoga postures to have a shiny skin 3

Pose of the pine or shirshasana

This yoga asana to have shiny skin is a little difficult to achieve, because it takes a bit of experience. To perform the pine pose you will need to stand on your head, using your forearms as support. With this asana you will achieve better blood circulation and less appearance of wrinkles, because the skin will change position.

Yoga postures to have a shiny skin 4

Plow pose or halasana

This yoga asana to have glistening skin is done on a yoga mat. Lie down relaxed and put your arms to the sides of the body with the palms pointing towards the floor. Slowly, raise your legs off the floor until you form a right angle and push the floor with your hands so that you can ease your legs. Breathe and relax. Next, lift your legs as much as possible and lower your head until you touch the ground. At this time, you will see that your back forms an arc which you will hold for 15 or 30 seconds before returning to your normal pose.

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Yoga postures to have a shiny skin 5

Bow or dhanurasana pose


This pose will also help you to have radiant and smooth skin. To do it, lie on your belly with your hands on your sides, palms facing up. Bend your knees until your heels are as close to your buttocks as possible. With your hands, take your ankles and support the weight of the body in your abdomen. Go gently pulling your ankles until you can raise your torso even more by keeping the rhythmic and deep breathing.

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