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Yoga with ulcerative colitis

Irritable bowel and colon, and ulcerative colitis – the two related psychosomatic malfunctions of the large intestine, which ulcerate and gradually becomes thinner and thinner.
Although the cause must be sought in the mind, the situation is exacerbated by the food abuses. The condition is usually exacerbated during times of stress, and then goes into remission / recession / after medical therapy. In some cases / softer / when there is a period before the examination of diarrhea among students, the crisis passes quickly, while others / service in the army, constant family problems / -hronichesky crisis could lead to a sharp end and attack.

Swedish scientists have participated in the research department of Ayurvedic medicine Banarasskogo University / India / and recorded the results in its report on the remission of the symptoms of colon irritation, followed after 3 weeks of relaxation, while ulcerative colitis in severe form were treated or effectively controlled by the daily program special asanas, comprising Shava-san, Ayurvedic treatment with diet and installed.

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