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Strengthen immunity with yoga

Strengthen immunity with yoga 3

Autumn came, and most of us remember that such a runny nose, cough, sore throat, acute respiratory viral infection. Despite the fact that in the autumn we consume far more vitamins than any other time of the year, our body does not always cope with viral infections. Undertreated respiratory disease gradually weakens our immune system. A vicious circle: we are constantly sick. However, those who regularly do yoga, get sick much less. Let’s try to understand why this is happening.

Under the immunity is understood the body’s resistance to infections, and invasive alien species.
Immunity is individual and is formed throughout a person’s life as a result of his contact with the immune system by various pathogens and antigens, as well as the impact of environmental factors. Problems in the immune system leading to increased morbidity, fatigue, decreased performance, as well as premature aging of the organism. Immunity is one of the important tasks.

, along with hardening, the correct mode of work and rest, good nutrition is one of the most effective non-specific immunomodulatory factors. Yoga can restore balance internal biological systems of the body, speed recovery from acute diseases, improve the body’s resistance to harmful environmental effects and infections.

It is no secret that the constant stress and bad ecology greatly weaken the immune system.
The man who is in a nervous state, which is characterized by frequent depression, insomnia, sick more often than refreshed cheerful person. Unfortunately, not always possible to often rest on the sea, in the mountains, in the country. In addition, the duration of annual leave is limited. Therefore, you need every day to give your body a chance to rest and relax. This will certainly help to yoga. Yoga is based on relaxation, breathing, meditation and physical exercises (asanas). All this is extremely beneficial effect on the immune system and contributes to its revitalization. Experiments have shown that regular exercise increases the performance of yoga protective activity of the cells by about 15-20%.

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Strong immune system – is, above all, a healthy lymphatic system because lymph supplies cells with nutrients and collects dead viruses, bacteria and white blood cells.
Acceleration current lymph increases the intensity of metabolic processes, and its congestion aggravates cells and tissues, leading to intoxication. In contrast to the blood, which is driven by a heart beat, lymph activated by reducing the total body muscle. Therefore yogaterapevty recommend to carry out a complex daily
Surya Namaskar because it speeds up the lymph circulation. In addition, the known BKS yogaterapevt Iyengar recommends Uttanasanu and Salamba Sarvangasanu . In these positions the head is below the heart, so the lymph freely flows to the respiratory system. When we return to the starting position under the action of gravity is directed lymph to the lymph nodes, where it is cleaned. It is equally important to perform daily Shavasana . It helps to relax and recover the body. When residual manifestations of common cold – a little cough and runny nose – is recommended to Shavasana lying on its side.

Do yoga and be healthy!


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