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How do I have glowing face or skin?

How do I have glowing face or skin? 9

Can yoga help to have beautiful skin?

Yoga is a series of exercises that you do to gain flexibility. It is a form of general well-being of body and mind that has been practiced for centuries. It consists essentially of physical, mental and even spiritual disciplines known to bring calm, tranquility and balance.
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When it comes to the skin, yoga contributes to the overall well-being of the most important organ in your body. Want to know how? Yoga improves blood circulation.

Practicing yoga helps the body’s blood circulation, which is why you will find that your complexion is bright after your yoga session. It allows your body to oxygenate and eliminate toxins. Regular yoga practice helps maintain the radiance of your skin.


You have never wondered why some actresses always have such beautiful skin even after several years on the boards? Take Kareena Kapoor Khan, for example: the answer is yoga! Yoga gives not only a radiant and radiant complexion, but it also improves the elasticity of your skin by stimulating the production of collagen, the protein responsible for youth. Facial yoga is a branch of yoga that speeds up the process thus giving you a younger-looking skin!

Facial yoga or yotox can be practiced when and where you want, in traffic jams, at the office, in front of a mirror, in the toilets, … The exercises will be much more effective if you give yourself the time and if you offer yourself opportunity to be quiet. So your thoughts will only be directed towards your exercises.

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The classic position of the mountain is ideal to prepare yourself: get up, your feet in parallel, arms dangling along the body, palms facing the thighs.


Press the soles of your feet as if they were anchored in the ground. Visualize how the upper part of your body lifts up from the lower body. Slowly move your weight back and rest on your heels. Keep your head upright, fix a point in the distance. Feel how much your concentration level increases and your stress decreases.


Then learn how to breathe properly, because a deep breath of yourself promotes the optimal functioning of the body’s anti-aging mechanism: the heartbeat slows down, the nervous system relaxes, and therefore your skin will release frozen expressions of the face. Also, the blood circulation receives a supplement of oxygen that the skin will use to gain in vitality, brightness and tension.

Give yourself a daily oxygen treatment by performing this breathing exercise: put your hands on your stomach, just under the diaphragm, and inhale and exhale deeply. If your hands move up and down visibly to the rhythm of your breathing, you perform the exercise properly.

How do I have glowing face or skin? 11


We admit it without difficulty, these mimicry a little crazy do not look like anything, but the exercises are really effective.

1. The Marilyn

  • Muscles:

The turn of the mouth and the lips benefit from this exercise.

  • Technical:

Be careful not to wrinkle the eyebrows or the forehead and blow kisses with the only muscles of the mouth. You can increase the resistance by pressing your fingers on the lips. Repeat the exercise four times.

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2. The face of Buddha

  • Muscles:

This exercise relaxes all the muscles of the face, so that the least traces of stress or fatigue as well as all the unconscious tensions of the muscles are neutralized.

  • Technical:

Sit quietly, close your eyes and focus on erasing all wrinkles. Focus your attention on your third eye, the point between your eyebrows. Imagine the presence here of a small circle of bright light, which never ceases to grow. If you feel that your thoughts are moving away, bring them back to this circle. First try doing this exercise for a minute. If successful, try to hold longer.

How do I have glowing face or skin? 12

3. The Satchmo

  • Muscles:

This exercise allows to work the curves of the cheeks.

  • Technical:

Inflate your jaws and let the air swing from one to the other until you are exhausted. Repeat the exercise four times.

4. The lion’s head I & II

  • Muscles:

This pose stretches all the muscles of the face and at the same time promotes the release of all the emotional tensions. You will then find that your skin is more pink, again an obvious consequence of the supplementation of oxygen that you have offered.

  • Technical:

Inhale through the nose, clench your fists and stretch all the muscles of the face, as if you had bitten into a very safe lemon. Then exhale through your mouth, pull your tongue at the same time and roll your eyes up, while you reach out and open your hands. Repeat the exercise three times. Inspiration: Traditional Kathak dancers in India roll their eyes with as much grace as classic ballerinas spread their legs.

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5. The eyes of the temple dancer

  • Muscles:

The skin loosened around the eyes regains vigor and the crow’s feet fade, due to the exercise of all the muscles around the eyes.

  • Technical:

The head and the neck remain motionless. Point your eyes to the left, to the center, to the right, and come back. Repeat the exercise three times.

How do I have glowing face or skin? 13

6. The hilarious fish

  • Muscles:

The forehead and the muscles around the eyes benefit from a facelift. The skin of the forehead is more pink, proof that the blood circulation brings an increase of oxygen towards the targeted zone.

  • Technical:

Laugh while you lightly crease your lips. Squeeze the cheeks inward and see how the cheekbones are prominent. Repeat the exercise five times.

7. Surprised

Open your eyes wide, as if you were very surprised, but trying not to squint. Concentrate on a point on the horizon for five or six seconds, then release. Repeat four times.

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