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How is Vajrasana (yoga) helpful with digestion?

How is Vajrasana (yoga) helpful with digestion? 3

Vajrasana (lightning posture)

Vajrasana (lightning posture) technique of execution: kneel; The feet are directed back, the thumbs are crossed, the heels are diluted, keep the knees together. Lower the buttocks on the inner surfaces of the ankles. Put your hands on your knees.

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How is Vajrasana (yoga) helpful with digestion? 4


Duration of practice: Practice vajrasana as often as possible and for longer. Especially useful is the practice of vajrasana (at least 5 minutes) immediately after a meal – it enhances digestive processes.

Concentration: When performing this asana, focus on the naturalness of breathing. If the asana is performed with closed eyes, it helps to calm the mind.

Vajrasana (lightning posture)

Note: Vajrasana is the prayerful position of Muslims, as well as the meditative posture of Japanese Buddhists.

The Benefits of Practice: Vajrasana intensifies the blood supply of the pelvic-sacral region and tones up its nerve tissues. This is especially useful for people with digestive disorders.

Vajrasana helps reduce the flow of blood to the genital organs and massages their nerve tissues. This is especially useful for men with enlarged testicles.

Asana strengthens the pelvic muscles, which prevents the emergence of a hernia and helps women during childbirth.

Vajrasana is the only pose that can be recommended for meditation to people with lumbosacral radiculitis and disorders localized in the sacrum.

Vajrasana is a very effective preventative remedy, which prevents and eliminates stomach diseases such as an ulcer or hyperacidity.

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” Vajra ” is the name of the energy channel ( nadi *), directly related to the genitourinary system. It is known that the ability to consciously control this channel with the help of one’s will brings superhuman power.

Vajra is the weapon of Indra, the king of all devas (gods). Similarly, our mind can be called the king of all senses. Managing the Vajra-nadi channel , the mind is able to control all sexual energy.

Vajrasana and asanas on its basis have a variety of positive effects and are relatively easy to perform.

Beginners may feel pain in their legs during Vajrasana practice. In this case, they should stretch their legs forward, take one leg with both hands behind the ankle and shake it vigorously, and do the same with the second leg. This procedure should be performed until the pain and numbness will not pass.

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