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What is mean kaya kalpam yoga?

What is mean kaya kalpam yoga? 3


Kaya means “body” and Kalpa “change”.

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What is mean kaya kalpam yoga? 4


Any process used for the transformation of the body and carried out is literally designated by Kaya-Kalpa.

Kaya-Kalpa is not a classic term, it is a recent word that developed only very late. Kaya-Kalpa is therefore the technical term used by a particular type of medical discipline that allows an individual to regain his vitality, his vigor, his sexual strength and all that can lead to a rejuvenation.

Originally Kaya-Kalpa was designed only for people in excellent health although it can be used officially on sick people.

The ideal age for practicing Kaya-Kalpais between 45 and 60 years old. In no case can it be suitable for people too young or people of too advanced age.

The three components of Kaya-Kalpa

The classical expressions of Kaya-Kalpa are: Panchakarma, Rasayana, Vajikarana. In fact these three components combined together form the Kaya-Kalpa .

Panchakarma contains all the elimination, body cleansing therapies that allow to reject all the residues found in the body.

Rasayana is the therapy allowing the rejuvenation of the tissues and the stopping of the process of the age.

Vajikarana is the treatment containing the disciplines and means that operate on the energy and the sexual force.

Let us now consider very briefly these three components of Kaya-Kalpa.

1) Panchakarma

Pancha means five and Karma: therapy. The 5 types of treatment. These 5 types of therapy include: medical oil based administrations, sweating, diuretics, purgatives and the introduction of medical decoctions and oils through the rectum. In fact, these five treatments are generally used as preparatory measures for the main treatment.

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Diseases such as arthritis, corysa etc. are very well cared for by this kind of treatment.

After the application of these different therapies the body is completely cleaned and ready for the Kaya-Kalpa proper.

Preoperative treatment: Suchana 

Before starting these 5 therapies it is necessary to follow some preoperative treatment.

This treatment lasts 7 days and consists of taking a daily amount of fat, it can be cow fat, butter etc.These wait until the fermentation can be done. After which a particularly light diet is prescribed, this diet can be either vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

It is only after this treatment called suchana that panchakarma can be applied.

2) Rasayana

Rasayana treats the problems of advanced age and tissue rejuvenation. This therapy specifically leads to increased vitality, strength and longevity.

Other benefits resulting from this method are: memory development, immunity against diseases, skin radiance, better voice etc.

There is a herbal preparation that is commonly used; these herbs are very familiar and can be easily found on the market.

But there is also a preparation based on mercury, sulfur, gold, silver, copper, arsenic which is mainly used for Kaya-Kalpa. Certain precious metal preparations can also be used for people with chronic diseases.

3) Vajikarana

Vajikarana concerns the increase of manhood.
Vaji means health, so we can say that health is recognized in a certain way in the sexual context.
Vaji also means semen ejaculation, this treatment will bring greater sexual power and vitality.
Vajikarana has two aspects in his treatment.

An aspect that increases the sexual force to enjoy a better and greater sex life and to be able to satisfy more fully his partner.
The second aspect is to allow a person to increase the seminal secretion, even in the elderly, and thus make it more fertile and productive. Increasing this fertility means giving the person the opportunity to have more children.

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Our biological existence demands the perpetuation of the species and we must obey this demand.

In the past, India needed a large population. All remedies, all the drugs that work on energy, sexual potency, fertility, are part of Vajikarana. The best-known drugs are: cannabis preparations, opium preparations, gold preparations, stychine preparations.

The preparations

With regard to preparations of metals, one of the best known drugs is a remedy based on mercury, copper, mica. Each day this drug is administered to the patient in increasing doses and always accompanied by milk.

The milk is proportionally increased to twenty liters. No other food should be taken with the exception of fruit juice and light soups. After a while, the amount of milk is reduced and the diet returns to normal. This treatment lasts 40 days.

The daily practice of the mercury remedy is one of the forms of Kaya-Kalpa .

Rejuvenation Therapy - Kaya Kalpa

One of the best-known herbal preparations can be found on the markets, called Syavana prakasa.

In winter, it is strongly recommended that patients take it; especially those who suffer from chronic bronchitis, corysa etc.

The story says that Syavana, who was a very old monk, longed for a very young girl, so much did he marvel at her. Since he had scarcely any energy, he had this preparation brought and consumed it. He became very young again and was able to marry this girl.

The place

Rejuvenation Therapy - Kaya Kalpa

Originally, the practice of Kaya-Kalpa was inside three interlocking rooms.

The person had to lock themselves in the center room and stay there for a period of three months.
At present it is not quite so.

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The idea is that the patient must be in a secluded place without mental disturbance; in peace. It must not be exposed to noise, sun, cold, without any climate disturbance.

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